WhenYouCan WhyFit In FitOut? We meet a trailing spouse who moved to Singapore for her husband’s job, only to start her own global venture fitting out hotels and more. Now they both work for the business!

I n 2008, after studying and working in New York for almost two decades, ARCHANA VELUKUTTY came to Singapore with husband Bharat Vijayan and their twin boys. While the move was precipitated by Bharat’s job in private banking, it was in Singapore that she saw the opportunity to create a business that fulfilled her vision of connecting people across cultures. We chat with Archana and find out a little more about how she grew her brands, and why Singapore was an ideal place for an expat to start her own business. What’s the story behind The Varisan Group? Majoring in psychology and economics in New York, I developed a deep understanding of both people and business. I then spent a decade working with an international firm in New York that dealt with fashion and home furnishing. My experience helped me understand the harmony between people, objects and spaces – this is what enabled me to create uniquely beautiful living experiences. My passion has always been to bring people together through food and events. So, during my early years in Singapore, I began consulting on a friend’s seaside villa renovation. During this project, I saw an opportunity to launch a business here that offered a complete design and procurement solution. Was Singapore a good place to get started? This is a great place for entrepreneurs because it has pro-business policies and provides clear guidance on starting up a business quickly. And the location in Southeast Asia also gives us access to a large market both in the East and the West. The business environment here is stable and encouraging to foreign investment, so it’s been hugely beneficial as a base for our group of companies. After starting the company, I connected with designers and manufacturers in Italy and Asia and brought them into The Varisan Group’s network. During this period, we saw a rise in the number of clients with luxury residential and hospitality projects. Over the years, we developed strong relationships with importers and manufacturers in Asia and Italy, allowing us to source the best products for our clients at competitive prices. Why do you think The Varisan Group is a success story? Varisan is proof that you can build something successful through hard work and passion. As the business expanded across the globe, my husband left his job and joined me in heading The Varisan Group.




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