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Tell us about the three categories of antiques you offer at China Collection. #1 Original antiques These are often most desired by collectors looking at buying slightly higher-end pieces of furniture that are considered more collectible, or by our clients looking for the lovely original rustic patina that many of these pieces have. What we classify as original antique pieces are those that have undergone little or no restoration; and what makes them original is that we have left the old patina and wear on them. It is extremely difficult nowadays to find pieces that are original, complete and still in relatively good condition. More often, pieces will have to be changed, repaired, re-painted or re-lacquered due to the poor condition in which they’re found. We source the vast majority of our pieces in a pre-restored state. This allows us to work with our partners in China who are experts in restoration, and it allows us to dictate how each of our pieces is restored. If we happen to find a stunning mid-late- 19th-century piece in great original condition, we will typically choose to leave it as is – there is no reason to over-restore a piece that is already so beautiful in its original state. #2 Restored and repurposed antiques These pieces have been fully restored or modified so they can be practical in a modern home. Each piece undergoes a rebuild by expert carpenters and includes refitting and strengthening of the wooden joinery. In some cases, we will Love the idea of buying antique furniture but not sure where to start? China Collection’s DOUG LOCKETT talks us through the different types to choose from, and what to look for to make sure you get the right piece.

Original antiques have undergone little or no restoration, retaining their initial beauty and charm

add extra features such as additional shelving inside or additional doors for pieces with very limited access. All the while, we are trying to maintain the original character and any original artwork that may be present. For these pieces, we will typically apply a lacquer or wax finish to them. Lacquer in particular is used for painted furniture with original artwork. The lacquer serves two purposes: it protects the original underlying artwork and improves its clarity. The result is that old, faded or weathered artwork becomes much more vibrant. Our goal with restoration is to enhance pieces, while still maintaining their original styling and character. Many of the less practical pieces, which in many cases would sadly be discarded by their owners, have features added in order to make them practical for modern living. This allows our restored furniture pieces to live a second life in the homes of our happy customers.

Often modified to be practical for the modern home, restored and repurposed pieces also maintain their original character



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