Stephan Amling, German

We have been art lovers for many years and always lived with art around us. When coming to Singapore five years ago, we were looking for local artwork and found this wonderful painting of a black-and-white house, which we immediately fell in love with and brought home. Our real estate agent, who assisted us during our house search, introduced us to Gallery 278. We liked them due to the warm-hearted and friendly people working there and the high-quality and hand-picked styles in their portfolio. We ended up using the store to kit out our entire house, as we had arrived in Singapore without any furniture. Owner Felicia Koh provided us with very professional and elegant advice in building our new home. Along the way, if anything needed some maintenance or was to be replaced with a different item for redecoration purposes, she and her teamwere extremely courteous. Based on all our experience in collaborating with Gallery 278 over the last five years, we can definitely recommend them to anyone aiming to build a cosy home that leaves an impression.

Gallery 278 203 Henderson Road, #11-01/02 (Wing A) 6737 2322 | gallery278.com | escoleasing.com

Juliet Kelly-Wong, British

We had just moved house and had a very large wall space that needed one large piece of art to be featured in it. I already knew of the artist Eleftharia Lasthiotaki and loved her art. We ended up purchasing two paintings of hers from LivingwithArt. One is called “Sometimes The Sky Is Pink”. This reminded us of a certain port in Greece that we love. The colours are gorgeous and, indeed, sometimes the sky is pink! The other painting is called “Lines And Fragments”. The colours of this painting just transfixed us from the moment we saw it. It draws you in and transports you to another world. It’s now in our living room and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t immerse myself in it; it literally transports me to a place of calmness, serenity and happiness. The service we received from LivingwithArt was fantastic and we would definitely purchase from them again!

LivingwithArt Singapore #02-05 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road 9826 4172 | livingwithart.com.sg

55 OCTOBER2021

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