By chance, months before I needed to find somewhere, I came across the listing for this shophouse. When I arrived, I instantly knew it was the one for me. Admittedly, the house is pretty big for one person, but I make the most of the entire space and have been incredibly lucky to have it during the pandemic. My previous kitchen was also very basic, so I was really excited about this huge kitchen space as I love to cook and to entertain! Do you know the history of the building? I believe it was built in the 1930s. It’s in a row of seven shophouses that were owned by the Peranakan community. To the best of my knowledge, the property is still very close to its original layout. How would you define your home style? My style is quite eclectic. If I had to define it, I would say “mid-century meets tropical modernism”, but I’m not limited by a specific look or style. I’m a collector at heart and for me it’s just about bringing together the things that I love and am drawn to. I particularly like to buy second-hand and vintage pieces and feel like my home is a real reflection of me and the many things that I’m passionate about. Where do you get your inspiration from? I find inspiration everywhere! Travel is of course a major source; I feel so lucky to have been able to visit several incredible places while living in Asia. Closer to home, it has to be the bars and restaurants; I’m obsessed with great F&B design and am constantly



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