In 2019, Dr Madeline Feldman, a rheumatologist in New Orleans, shared in a video that her daughter Cydney’s chronic arthritic pain had vanished. This is their true story, and that of some arthritis sufferers in Singapore who also became pain-free. How Arthritis


Dr Feldman had diagnosed Cydney’s juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (RA) at ten years old, and for 20 years her treatment had been to only manage her daughter’s pain, for there is no cure. After Cydney’s long-termpain disappeared in one day, impressed and intrigued, Dr Feldman herself attended the session where this had happened. Utterly convinced by the experience, she said that the energy healing used at the session would help her patients, and she would refer them for this healing. Chronic pain that cripples lives Living with any kind of constant pain compromises one’s life in countless ways – reducedmobility, disturbed sleep, mental fatigue, depression, lethargy and more. Studies show chronic pain anywhere in the body damages the brain, and other organs too. And long- term and excessive use of painkillers is toxic, even fatal. Chronic pain is much more than that. It takes over your life in ways that adversely affect your

Dr Madeline Feldman, New Orleans, USA

performance, health, relationships and peace of mind. Unfortunately, arthritis pain sufferers simply must accept the finality of its incurability and their steadily increasing suffering. “Not any more!” says Dr Feldman. Arthritis can lead to surgery For most arthritis sufferers over 30, the only “solution” is joint replacement surgery. This limited solution brings with it the trauma of a complicated surgery, six to 12 months of rehabilitation, and an expiration date – replacements typically need replacement themselves every 10 to 20 years. And artificial joints seldom give you the full functionality of a natural joint.

An MRI of a painful knee reveals a healthy knee.

MRIs and X-rays cannot see the invisible energy disruption causing the pain.



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