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Highlights or full colour? What about treatments? This hair salon in Holland Village has been around longer than I have, so read on as I dig for answers to some of our hair questions! Sweenys may not possess the bells and whistles to rival the newest kids on the block (or island), but this hair salon in Holland Road Shopping Centre has been a long-time fixture among locals and expats in the know. Just how long? More than 40 years, to be exact. The salon was opened in 1979 by the late Yeow Poh Lin and is now run by her son JIANG. And it feels magically trapped in another era. Located three floors above the hustle and bustle of Holland Village, it’s got everything the modern hair salon experience is missing: a few close-knit staff who’ve been around for yonks and enough experience between them to breathe new life into lacklustre locks. Here, Jiang gives us a lowdown on the salon’s specialty – dealing with fine, porous hair (we blame the weather!) and highlights – and a few pointers on how to manage that mane.

What’s a common hair concern of people coming into your salon? My colleagues are especially skilled in dealing with fine porous hair. In this case, I’d recommend using a conditioner and rinsing it off with cold water. That will stop the frizz and at the same time the conditioner will lock moisture into the hair shaft. However, if your hair is really dry and needs repair, the best option is to have a solid keratin treatment at the salon to tame the hair as well as add volume before following up once a week at home. The purpose of a full-colour treatment is typically to cover grey strands or a complete change of colour. Meanwhile, highlights act as an enhancing colour tone. It doesn’t just produce a lifting effect; it also volumises your hair by creating texture, and it camouflages grey strands. Both have their own benefits and it depends on what the individual is looking for. Which is better: highlights or full colour? Do you recommend colouring the eyebrows too? Yes, but not for all cases. For instance, if a client has a light hair tone and very dark eyebrows, I would suggest a lighter shade of eyebrows to ease the contrast and vice versa.

Visit Sweenys Hair & Beauty Corner at 211 Holland Avenue, #03-28, or call 6468 1795. I would prefer that clients keep their hair unwashed if they’re coming in for colouring or highlights as the natural oils from the scalp act as a protective layer. What would you recommend for someone over 50? For 50, highlights would be fun. Hairstyles can be funky and sporty or very classic like a pixie cut, side-swept crop or different types of bobs. These are very elegant and will never go out of style. What do you wish clients knew before paying a visit to your hair salon? Are post-colouring treatments really necessary? Post-colouring treatments are only necessary if the client is not satisfied with the colour (like if the yellow or red hues stand out too much). My hair has undergone many colouring treatments and is now brittle. What product would you recommend? When hair turns brittle, you would need either a protein or moisture treatment. Protein treatments are appropriate for people with very fine and thin hair, while moisture treatments are better suited to individuals with coarse and frizzy hair.



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