May 2016


TheAdamPark Project (TAPP)

“ TAPP was set up in 2009 with the aim to assess the potential f o r b a t t l e f i e l d a r c h a e o l o g y i n Singapore. At first l ook , one mi gh t believe that in this modern, bustling city there is little evidence


to be found of a war that took place 70 years ago. However, such conflict leaves deep scars, and every river, street corner, forest track and building that is older than 70 years could have been a battlefield. Adam Park is a remarkable WWII heritage site. Not only did the buildings witness a three-day battle but they also housed 2,000 prisoners for most of 1942. In addition, the wartime story of each tenant in the estate provides a remarkable snapshot of civilian life during the war years. Over 1,400 artefacts connected to the fighting and the lives of the prisoners of war have been recovered from the gardens. However, as the discovery of the murals at the Froud’s house demonstrates, there is much more evidence to be found. The greatest ‘finds’ of all, though, are the houses themselves, and we hope that they will be brought under government protection to ensure their preservation in the years ahead. The latest phase of TAPP has now come to an end with the publication of the book Tigers in the Park , and more importantly with the opening of the first virtual battlefield museum in Singapore, which acts as a depository for all the research material and archaeological findings. This allows the visitor to delve into the same material that inspired the book and to explore the wealth of archives and photographs for themselves. We hope this is the first of many such museums that will enhance the heritage experience of Singapore and keep these incredible sites intact for future generations. ”

TOP “The master bedroom is another one of my favourite parts of the house.” OPPOSITE Thursday, a statue purchased from Woody Antique House, stands outside the kitchen door. ABOVE A mural found in one of the outside bedrooms is from when these houses were used to hold British WWII soldiers.

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