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HOPE Dog Rescue aims to give street dogs a second chance by giving them a life away from the streets. It also routinely carries out the catch-and-release sterilisation of street dogs, in the belief that sterilisation is the most humane and effective way to manage the stray dog population. Its feeding programme supplies dog food to those in need, such as the pet dogs of low-income senior citizens, and factory workers who care for the dogs within their compounds. HOPE Dog Rescue does not have shelter facilities and is fully dependent on volunteers and fosterers. To find out more, go to hopedogrescue. b l ogspo t . com or email hopedogrescue@singnet. . All dogs featured are sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped, and ready for adoption.

This two-year-old local cross is a calm and low-energy dog who is content to just lie in her favourite corner with her chew toys. She is good with other dogs, and ok with calm children. She would be suitable for a family with busy working adults, or senior folks looking for a laid-back buddy to accompany them on evening walks.

Audi is a two-year-old local crossbreed and in perfect health. He is very obedient and extremely good-natured, he walks well on a leash and he is active and intelligent. He’s extremely affectionate and will stick close to his favourite humans, nudging them for a pat.

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Two-year-old Cassie has come a long way from when she was first rescued, with a huge maggot-infested wound on her neck, and timid and terrified of her own shadow. She has no aggression at all and has the mildest temperament you can find in a dog. Cassie would make a perfect pet for families with kids as she loves the company of children and is very gentle with them.

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Happy is three years old, and thrives best with a fixed routine as she dislikes constant change in her surroundings. She remains one of the best-loved dogs at HOPE as she is still full of innocence and happiness, and she brings contentment to the people around her. all_joblistings .

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