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From Belgium, withLove BY VERNEMAREE PHOTOGRAPHY KYMBERNABE Immediately after you swing left fromhectic ThomsonRoad into leafy,meanderingMount Pleasant, a cool haven ofmature saga trees interspersed with cinnamon, palm and fig, you involuntarily relax, slow down and just breathe. It’s so green, so shady, so, well… pleasant .Whowouldnotwant to live in such a rarefied colonial ambience, surrounded by nature and steeped in history?ANNE-JEAN LIÉTAER showed Verne Maree around her lovely retreat. Who lives in the house: Belgian expatAnne-Jean Liétaer, her Belgian-bornGreekhusbandPanagiotisand their fourchildren, Constantin (12),Marguerite (11),Alexandre (7) andLeonard (3), wellguardedbyCookie theSPCA rescuedog. Time inSingapore: Initially from 1997 to2002, followedbynine months in Shanghai. Returned to Belgium in 2003, and came back toSingapore in2007 “with twochildrenand foursuitcases”. Historical note: Mount Pleasant’s elegant pre-war black-and- white houseswere built for the families of colonialBritish police officers.Apart frombeing thenameof ahill,MountPleasantwas also thenameof the 1860smansionofearly residentG.H.Brown, who owned the estate at that time – explaining the name of the neighbouringBukitBrownCemetery ( bukit meaning “hill”).

Home Showcase: Visit this picturesque house on Mount Pleasant Drive








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