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Miguel Builds a New House Rachel Nadia Miguel was happy in the beginning, even if his house was really small

Princess Incognito: Nightmare at the Museum NJ Humphreys

Well, I really liked this book – it’s about an undercover princess that gets trained in kaito , which is a Japanese martial arts. And she’s mastered it! She goes to the National Museum in Singapore; I like how the book is based in Singapore and so is the author too. My favourite part is when she goes in full kaito mode and she totally breaks a boy’s arm– and the boy had a crush on her. The whole thing of the book is that she has to keep her secret identity from her friends – she’s really a princess. There’s a chapter in the museum that has a

and made out of wood and scraps, but when the storm came and his house fell apart, he was very sad. They had lots of friends and neighbours who they helped after the storm, then the neighbours helped them to rebuild the house and it was stronger because they rebuilt it together. It teaches a real lesson as we need to help other people who cannot afford to build a brick house. – Edwin Davies (6) How to Train your Hooman: A Doggy Handbook by Leia Daniel Boey & Hao Soh This is an extremely funny book about a dog’s tips on adopting a human. Being a pet owner myself, I can really connect with Leia (the narrator) when she talks about certain aspects of training us hoomans. The technique used to write this book is almost like reverse psychology, in the way that Leia recommends walking your hooman regularly and making sure that they are trained well. These tips made my brother and I laugh out loud

statue of her as a princess so she has to figure out how to stop it. Another really funny bit is where, on their last field trip, a girl went to get some pork from live pigs to put in her sandwich. At the end of her day, the people found her and she said that it was her best day ever. It’s really good. Read it! – Hudson Hiemstra (9)

Explaining coronavirus to young readers

COVID-19 for Kids is a lovely picture book by Singapore- based author C a t h e r i n e Cheung, and a great way to help explain the current

because we think the same thing about our dog Holly. Furthermore, I thought that the illustrations were beautifully bright and colourful. I also loved how at the end of the book there is a page all about Leia’s life before adopting her hooman and a page about all the other dogs that make appearances in the book. My brother’s and my favourite page is the one about picking out your hooman as Leia talks about the different types, and our different needs. This was very funny because it was almost like we were being compared to different breeds of dogs! I also loved the detail in the illustrations; it really tied the whole thing together. We thought that this is a beautiful book and it made us smile as we read it. Overall, I would really recommend this book to families with children and pets or just anyone with a dog looking for some comical training tips! I love it! – Phoebe McPhail (12)

situation to kids. The storyline is about children figuring out how to help their grandpa stay safe. Profits from Singapore sales will be donated to The Courage Fund in Singapore to help those impacted by COVID-19. Profits from outside Singapore will go to a fund to support theWHO’s efforts against the virus. They’re also donating 1,000

copies to preschools in Singapore. Want your own copy? Buy it online at



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