MAY 2020


From Farmhouse

BY MELINDA MURPHY Not all antique Chinese furniture was created equal! When it comes to antiques and vintage pieces, only a few are truly restored to a superior quality. And some reproductions are far better than others. So howdo you know if you’re buying a “good” piece? Just about every item of vintage Chinese furniture has an amazing history, with many coming from old villages and farmhouses before ending up here in Singapore. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a real piece of history in your home – one with a story all of its own? Of course, the vintage pieces you see in shops didn’t look like that when they were first rescued from old homes in China. These structures were often being torn down to make room for new, modern buildings. Many of the handmade treasures had fallen into disrepair – only when they were rescued by craftsman did they have new life breathed back into them. CHANTAL TRAVERS, owner of Emperor’s Attic , lived in Beijing for many years before moving to Singapore, where she now runs her furniture store at the Tan Boon Liat Building, specialising in antique and vintage Chinese furniture. “When I lived there, everybody had their own place where they would go to buy antique Chinese furniture. ‘Come and see my guy – he’s the best!’ So, that person’s guy would become your guy, and you’d start to find the people you trust. I’ve now been working with the same people for more than a decade. I personally choose every single piece we have in the store and I have it all authenticated. When that shipment arrives, I know exactly what I’m getting.” And that, folks, means you know what you’re getting when you buy it, too. Your furniture will have a story you can share.



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