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EDITOR’SNOTE All I ever want for Christmas are super powers … just little ones! A power like remembering someone’s name even when you’ve met them a few times and really like them. Or, instead of rushing to jump in, sitting back, taking a big deep breath and giving yourself a chance to review the situation. Yes, I think “wisdom” would be a great Christmas present. Can put it on credit card, lah, or 12 interest-free instalments? In the meantime, I would also like my Christmas décor to look like it does in the shops. Some people do festive decorating so effortlessly, as you’ll see from all the fabulous baubles, flower arrangements and goodies for table settings that we have in this issue – so much potential there! We’ve also got a list of where to get your tree, fresh or faux. Whatever you’re up to, we hope you use the time “wisely”; enjoy the downtime, if there is any – and don’t feel guilty if you eat or drink too much; that never helps! By the way, if you need tips on where to dine out on Christmas Day or find all the ingredients you need for cooking at home, take a look at our huge festive food special from page 127. I have my mum, who is a fabulous 89-year-old, coming for Christmas. There are a few of us living here for her to see, including her new great granddaughter (my grandniece), so that’s going to be lovely. Hope you have a great time, celebrating in whichever way suits you.

PS: A Christmas joke for the ladies: I don’t have a problem with the concept of a virgin birth, it’s believing there are three wise men that’s the issue.

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Jo Paradine’s Tanglin home Styled by Tatty Marsh (




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A house in Tanglin gets all decked out for Christmas





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Get fit without leaving home!


Getting a head start on a beautiful smile

Power Surge! PHOTOGRAPHYBY KENTAN Weasked twofitnessexperts topassonsomepowerworkoutsyoucando anyplace,atany time,andwithzeroequipment,baryourownenthusiasm!


Exercise#3:RussianTwists Benefits: Targets obliques and strengthens core.

231 Fitness Tips:

1.Siton thegroundwithyourknees together andbent in front of you. 2.Lift your feet off the floor and turn the shoulder from left to right. Maintain a neutral spine throughout the whole movement to avoid strain in your lowerback. 3.For added difficulty, you can grab hold of weights while performing the twist. For a level down, place both feet on the floor for added support.



Power workouts you can do anywhere

Exercise#1:Plyopush-ups (progression frompush-ups)


Benefits: Strengthens upper body, and adding the explosive movement activates the fast twitchmuscles fibres,which aids in fat loss. 1.Carryoutpush-up incorrectposition (refer topagexx);when pushingyourselfupagain,attempt topushyourupperbody upuntil yourhands leave the ground. 2.For addeddifficulty, add a clap to themovementwhileyour upperbody is inmid-air. 3.Bend your elbows as you return to the startingposition and repeat the exercise.

Exercise#3:PushPress&RegressionShoulderPress 1. Standwith feet shoulderwidth apart.Hold two largewater bottles (ordumbbells, if youhave some)over your shoulder with aneutral grip (thumbs facing eachother, elbows facing forward at all times). 2. Bend your knees into a squat position and forcefully thrust your weight up simultaneously pressing the bottle or dumbbell over yourhead till arms are extended fully. 3. Lower the bottle or dumbbell and drop back into a squat position. To increase intensity and difficulty level, increase speed and repsdoneperminute.



Exercise#1:Push-ups&Regressionpush-ups 1.Get into a plank positionwith arms fully extended.Make sure yourwrists are in linewith your shoulders. 2. Keeping your body in a plank position, lower your body towards thegroundandpressyourbackup.Yourbackshould always be straight – don’t let your hips drop too low.A full rep is only countedwhen your chest touches the ground. Kneepush-up: Sameasanormalpush-upbutwithyourknees on the ground. Exercise#2:LegGetUp 1.Beginning inakneelingposition,bringone foot forwardand place it flaton theground;at thispointyou shouldbe inclose to a lungeposition. 2.Whilekeeping the firstkneebent at90degrees,do the same with theother leg.Youshouldnowbe inasquatholdposition. Donotuse yourhands tohelp you. 3. Stay in this squatposition for two seconds before returning to thekneelingposition, one leg at a time.




REGULARS 235 Numbers & Websites 236 Horoscopes for December

Circuit: 1st round: 45secondswork,30seconds restbetweenexercises. 2nd round: 45secondswork,20seconds restbetweenexercises. 3rd round: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest in between exercises. Rest1minute inbetween each round.

HealthTips for theHolidaySeason #1Fail toplan,plan to fail

Holiday season schedules are hectic, so pin down your workout routines like any other appointments to avoid giving yourself excuses to skip yourworkout sessions. #2Trick your treats Do not torture yourself by completely avoiding every trace of fat or added sugar; instead, allow yourself to indulge wisely and in moderation. Eat goodies that are seasonal specials instead of those that you can eat year-round. #3Pick apartner Pick a trainingpartnerwith similar fitness goals or just someone who will drag you down to the gym.What better way to spend your holiday workout with the people closest to you?



Exercise#2:Squat Jumps Benefits: Improves lower body strength and also helps with bothmobility and stability,which in turn reduces the risk of injuries from falls. 1. Standwith feet shoulder-width apart, trunk flexed forward slightly,withback straight in aneutralposition. 2.Arms should be in the ready positionwith elbow flexed at approximately90degrees.Lowerbodyuntil thighsareparallel to the ground.Explode vertically anddrive armsup. 3.Prior to take-off, extend the ankles to theirmaximum range to ensurepropermechanics.Land onboth feet and repeat.




Shoulder Press: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with bottles or dumbbells at the side of your head. Push the dumbbell/bottleupwitharms fullyextendedwithneutralgrip. Circuit: Do each exercise for oneminutewithminimal or no rest inbetween.Aftercompletingallexercises in thecircuit, rest for90 secondsbefore repeating the circuit a totalof four times.

238 Advertiser List 240 Parting Shot: Spinning Yarns

Floor 21TheOctagon, 105CecilStreet 65368649 |

130EastCoastRoad 64406188 |













NCA Charity Garage Sale (3 DEC)

Singapore 200 Miles Ultra (28-31 DEC) Finding shorter distances a little on the easy side? Why not step things up and enter this 200-mile (320km) odyssey around Singapore? You’ll be entirely self-supported and self-navigated, with just 80 hours to complete the course (which, by the way, is the equivalent of 7.5 marathons). DANCE, THEATRE & CONCERTS Mama White Snake (UNTIL 16 DEC) Based on the Chinese folk tale, Madam White Snake, this new Wild Rice production features a talented cast including veteran actors Ivan Heng and Glen Goei. Drama Centre Theatre, National Library. Tickets from Sistic. The Nutcracker – Singapore Dance Theatre (6-10 DEC) This classic Christmas tale tells of young Clara and her nutcracker doll that comes alive and transforms into a handsome prince. Aside from Tchaikovsky’s famous score, the show will feature breathtaking costumes and spectacular sets. Esplanade Theatre. Tickets from Sistic.

NCA is back with its bi-annual Charity Garage Sale this month. It’s perfect for picking up Christmas gifts – plus, all proceeds from the sale go to local charities. 42 Jalan Kampong Chantek. Unique Christmas Gifts (7 DEC) If you’re still searching for that perfect gift, drop by this festive in-room auction by HotLotz, with an eclectic mix of items including jewels, silk scarves, watches and even wines. Come early and enjoy a drink at the pop-up bar. The catalogue will be available online for perusal two weeks before. #01-05 Cendex Center, 120 Lower Delta Road. Sammyeve and the Magic Carpets (9 DEC) The Cinnamon Room is launching a new range of children’s carpets alongside a personalised children’s art series by Sammyeve. Come by the store to shop for some décor for your kids’ room; 10 percent of proceeds will be donated to Playeum, a non-profit organisation promoting learning through play. The Cinnamon Room.

The Nutcracker – Singapore Dance Theatre




Chicken Little

SSO Subscription Concert: Finland 100 (7 DEC)

Bee Gees Gold (15-16 DEC)

Direct from Las Vegas, this leading Bee Gees tribute band plays two shows in December, covering all the megahits from the 60s and 70s, including “Massachusetts”, “Stayin’ Alive” and “You Should Be Dancing”. Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. Tickets from Sistic. SSO Christmas Concert (15-17 DEC) Get into the festive mood at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s annual Christmas concert, featuring the usual impressive repertoire, and the always anticipated singalong segment. Victoria Concert Hall. Tickets from Sistic.

Join in the celebrations of Finland’s 100th Anniversary of Independence at this concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Performances will include Jaakko Kuusisto’s Violin Concerto and Jean Sibelius’s majestic Symphony No. 5 . Esplanade Concert hall. Tickets from Sistic. Three Kin by T.H.E Dance Company (7-9 DEC) Three Kin , the final show of the year for contemporary dance group T.H.E Dance Company, will incorporate works by local choreographer Kuik Swee Boon, along with South Korea’s Kim Jae Duk and Dimo Kirilov Milev from Spain. Esplanade Theatre Studio. Tickets from Sistic. Culture Club – Live in Singapore (11 DEC) Iconic 80s band Culture Club will be in Singapore this month, playing a show that’s sure to feature classic hits like “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” and “Karma Chameleon”. The Star Theatre. Tickets from Sistic.

FAMILY The Addams Family – The Musical Comedy (UNTIL 3 DEC)

Catch this kooky family as they come to Singapore for a brand new show direct from the UK. In this original play, Wednesday, the baby of the family, has grown up and fallen in love with a boy from a “normal” family. What will the outcome be? MES Theatre at Mediacorp. Tickets from Sistic.

Chicken Little (UNTIL 8 DEC)

Go on a musical adventure with Chicken Little as she embarks on a quest to save her fellow farmyard friends from the falling sky. Meet quirky characters along the way including Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles and Turkey Lurkey. KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT. Tickets from Sistic.




Disney In Concert: Frozen (2 DEC)

Santa’s Little Helper

SOCIAL The BritCham Ball: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (9 DEC) Celebrate Christmas at the annual BritCham Ball, with a three-course dinner, free-flow drinks, music and dancing till the wee hours. There will also be a live auction with goodies up for grabs from the likes of British Airways and Lightfoot Travel. Island Ballroom, Shangri-La Hotel. Tickets from Christmas Walking Tour of Churches (12 DEC) Visit the historic churches of Singapore this Christmas, with this tour of St Andrew’s Cathedral, CHIJMES, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, and the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore’s oldest Roman Catholic church. Tickets from Peatix. Bring the kids along to this family-friendly pantomime this festive season, and follow young Mickey and his friends Trevor the Snowman, Captain Fantabulous and garden gnome Lord Pilliwocket as they try to save Christmas. Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. Tickets from Sistic. Go on an epic journey with your favourite characters from Frozen this December. Enjoy a live orchestra and choir performing the award-winning soundtrack while you watch the movie on a huge screen. Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets from Sistic. Santa’s Little Helper (8-10 DEC) Enjoy the magic of Christmas with the family at this delightful show, which offers a mix of music, puppetry and storytelling, as well as opportunities to join in the fun! It’s perfect for kids three and above, and you can expect loads of laughter and singalongs. SOTA Drama Theatre. Tickets from Sistic. Christmas at CIS (8 & 14 DEC) Join the Canadian International School for a morning of Christmas carols, drama, fun and educational Christmas- themed arts and crafts activities as well as yummy festive refreshments. Santa might also be dropping by! Tanjong Katong campus, 8 December; Lakeside campus, 14 December. Visit to RSVP. Snow Worries (9-10 DEC)

ARTS Singapore – A Lasting Impression (UNTIL 9 DEC)

This solo exhibition by British artist Diana Francis features a new series of paintings inspired by her experience of living in Singapore for the past 20 years. The Cinnamon Room. Candy Factory Projects (UNTIL 17 DEC) Led by Japanese visual artist and curator Takuji Kogo, this exhibition features a selection of video works and sculptures by artists from all over the world. The Private Museum. Handmades (UNTIL 7 JAN) This group exhibition features five artists – Angie Seah, April Ng, Chua Chye Teck, Delia Prvacki and Izziyana Suhaim – each representing a different discipline. They’ll also be hosting hands-on workshops on weekends. Jendela (Visual Arts Space), Esplanade – Theatres by the Bay.

The BritCham Ball: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year




Vienna Boys Choir (13 JAN)

Magic! Live in Singapore (26 JAN)

SMBC Singapore Open

This famous Austrian choir has been singing at Vienna’s Imperial Chapel since 1296. Their diverse repertoire includes everything from medieval and traditional Viennese music to contemporary and world music. Victoria Concert Hall. Tickets from Sistic. SMBC Singapore Open (18-21 JAN) The SMBC Singapore Open returns this January with a grand prize of US$1 million. Golf fans can look forward to seeing Spanish superstar Sergio Garcia, the reigning US Masters champion, in action. Sentosa Golf Club. 007 In Concert (19-20 JAN) Direct from London, this show features the soundtracks from every James Bond film – from Dr No and Goldfinger to Skyfall and Spectre – played by a live band consisting of world-class musicians from the UK and Singapore. Grand Theatre, Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. Tickets from Sistic.

Fans of Canadian reggae-pop fusion band Magic can look forward to a fun night of live music, including hits “Let Your Hair Down” and the global chart-topper “Rude”. The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa. Tickets from Sistic. Safari Zoo Run 2018 (27 JAN) This event includes categories for all ages and abilities, from a 10km competitive challenge to a 2.5km dash for younger runners. Race participants can choose to join a team that champions a threatened species from the region, such as the hornbill, elephant, manatee and orangutan. Singapore Zoo. All the Kings Horses by Lydia Janssen (27 JAN – 25 FEB) The fascinating work of American artist Lydia Janssen makes its Singapore debut in January. A former professional dancer, Lydia suffered various injuries that left her unable to dance, and her paintings illustrate her emotional and physical journey of becoming an artist.

KidsFest 2018 (19 JAN – 11 FEB)

KidsFest returns for a seventh year with a host of great theatre productions adapted from well-loved children’s books. Little ones can look forward to classic tales such as Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling and The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. Victoria Theatre and KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT. Tickets from Sistic.

Magic! Live in Singapore

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Concert (19-20 JAN)

Relive the magic of Harry Potter at this concert, where the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra will perform the incredible score of the entire film of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Esplanade Theatre. Tickets from Sistic.


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SOAP FOR THE SPCA It was wonderful t o s e e y o u r interview with my son Sidanth (12) published in the November issue. He was

Best Letter We want to hear from you! Send us your thoughts on the magazine, or on any subject under the sun. To help her celebrate her first Christmas in Singapore, Allyson Grant wins a bottle of champagne!

absolutely over the moon! Not only has it encouraged him in his work with stray cats, but I’m sure it will have inspired other children too. Sid has now learnt to make soap. He is selling his handmade soaps at his school (the Canadian International School) in support of the SPCA, and they can also be bought from the SPCA retail shop at 50 Sungei Tengah Road. He will also be taking orders for Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, or for party favours, birthdays and so on at Thanks again for your support! – Indrani Singh Ed: Judging from the pictures, he’s doing a great job. Youmust be very proud of your son!





Locatedat thedoorstepof thecentralbusinessdistrict(CBD), theMarina Bay loop is ideal for thoseworking around the area. This scenic route is great for a quick run in between meetings or even just for apowerwalk to admire theurban skyline.Landmarks include theMerlion,MarinaBay Sands and theHelixBridge,amongothers.Ifyou’re looking forsome extradistance,doa15km loop that includesGardensby the Bay,MarinaBarrage andSingaporeSportsHub. Distance: 3.5km Tips: You can expect this route to be frequented by tourists, especiallywhen it’s cooler atnight.To steer clearof awaveof people, tryvisiting early in themorning.

For a small island, Singapore has plenty of running tracks and trails for both beginners and seasoned pros alike. Here’s a handy guide

Follow the path along the MarinaBay waterfront.For amap, visit

A s s om e o n e who’s fairly new in town and also relatively new to running, I really enjoyed reading your October 252 OCTOBER2017 MacRitchie ReservoirPark is locatedat the junctionof LornieRoad andUpper Thompson Road.Formore information,visit The green spaces surrounding the island’sbiggestwater catchment are amongSingapore’smostpopular exercise destinations, and the trails provide the perfect running route for intermediate to advanced runners looking to surround themselveswithnature;ofcourse,youcanwalk, too.The reservoirhasvariouspathsandavarietyof terrains; expect to start on asphalt before heading over a wooden boardwalk andonto adirt track through the jungle.Bathroom facilities, lockers and refreshment stalls are available at the start andendpoints,and thereare toiletandwater facilitiesclose to the entrancepoint of theHSBCTreeTopWalk. The TreeTopWalk, by the way, offers a great alternative trail at MacRitchie; itstartsat theVenusDrivecarparkand includesnewboardwalks madeof corrugatedmetal, and anew toilet area at the top.This loop is around 7km, though you canmake it shorter by omitting the actual TreeTop section. Openinghours are9am to5pmonweekdays, and8.30am to5pmonweekends, and it’sbest togoearly toavoidbiggroupsofwalkers.Having said that, it’sa fully shaded track so you can run later in theday, even around lunchtime. Distance: It’s approximately 11km to do the full loop – that’s if you follow the main trail, rather than including theboardwalks thatpassalong thewater’sedge. Tips: Try to setoffbefore8am tobeat the jungleheat.Also, takecarewheneating snacks; though themonkeys are fairlyharmless, theydo love snatching food! Something to consider: This route gets you deep into the jungle and far from civilisation, somake sure you’re comfortablewith thatbefore tackling the trail.

CoastPark is agreat jogging site for those wanting to push their limits by covering thewholedistance,but it alsohas awide, demarcatedrunning track that’sperfect if you’re just starting out. There

MERRY SINGAPORE! With some major expenses this year, and the prohibitive price of flying during the holiday season, we had to resign ourselves to spending our first Christmas as expats in Singapore. It’s sad to be so far away from home and family. But, as December approaches, I must say we’ve all been totally amazed by the festive spirit here! Who would have thought that an Asian city would “do” Christmas so fully? My kids and I just love the incredible street decorations in Orchard Road, not to mention the awesome shop windows and Christmas goodies from all over the world. Though it still breaks my heart not to have our kids’ grandparents with us as usual, I’m starting to feel that we made the right decision to stay. – Allyson Grant

are plenty of water points, toiletsand foodoutletsalong the trail, which is kept quite shady during the daytime, thanks to the trees. This route scores majorbonuspoints too, for the beautiful sea view and refreshingoceanbreeze–and for fabulous hawker food for refuelling after your run. Distance: 15km


Tips: Chances are you’ve already been to or heard of East Coast Park, thanks to the countless other activities you can dowhile you’re there.So, it’sno surprise that it gets crowded on weekends; try for earlymornings orweekdays to avoid themasses.

This scenic run is quite straightforward, andwillhave you jogging alongside some of the most prominent city sights andhistorical landmarks–ClarkeQuay, the ParliamentHouse andMarina Bay, among others.On weekdays, it’s quiet and crowd-free, but by sundown, it getspacked along thebar-linedbanks,whichmeans you’llhave toweave in and out ofpedestrians. Distance: 6km,but it reallydependsonwhereyoustart. Tips: Try an earlymorning jog to beat the crowds and theheat.

902EastCoastParkway. Formore information,

Simply follow the path along the SingaporeRiver. For amap, visit



issue guide to interesting running trails and routes in Singapore. In fact, I can’t wait to try them out – that’s if and when I can find the time in my hectic work and travel schedule! – Bruno Mitchell Ed: Why not make it a New Year’s resolution, then? It’s almost that time again…

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Danish Design Pelican Chair

38 Home Showcase: Check out the Christmassy décor at this Tanglin home

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53 Profile: Thijs from European Bedding chats work and play


STAY FOR LESS Book one of Far East Hospitality ’s collection of serviced residences before 31 December and save up to 45 percent on weekly rates with a minimum one-week stay. From one- to-three-bedroom apartments and penthouses to studios and lofts, there’s plenty of choice – and so many reasons to enjoy a stay in a serviced residence. To find out more, go to .

East Coast Superstore Harvey Norman has expanded two retail floors at its Parkway Parade store, adding new furniture and bedding departments. The new ground-floor unit features furniture, bedding, homewares, audio visual, cameras, computers, a games hub, connected health and fitness products and a photo centre, while its existing retail space on the second floor has been revamped to house its home and kitchen appliances. Parkway Parade #01-35 and #02-34, 80 Marine Parade Road.

Home Repair Help Led by Aussie expat Campbell, whohas over 30 years’ experience in marine maintenance, No Worries Home Repairs offers plumbing, electrical, woodwork and plastering assistance. The company also specialises in repairs to ensure you get your bond back at the end of your lease – a tense time for everyone! Call 8201 7660 to see how they can help.

A Resting Offer! Latex mattress retailer European Bedding is offering customers a latex travel pillow with each mattress purchased during the month of December. The perfect travel companions, these little latex pillows are great on planes and in hotels, and are easy to stow away too. Head over to 32 Eng Hoon Street level 2 to take advantage of this offer, while stocks last.




Eco-illumination British lighting brand Tala is now available at Journey East. Established only two years ago by four university friends, it has grown to a team of 30 operating out of Europe and the US. It aims to ensure sustainability through its manufacturing process, and for every 200 units sold the company plants ten trees. Not only does it have strong green credentials, but the products themselves are seriously stylish. Take a look at #03-02 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road .

It’s a Sign See your name up in lights with one of these neon signs, created by Braganza House . The pieces are crafted in flexi-neon, a more durable material than the classic glass, and cheaper too. The pieces work as wall decorations and nightlights, or could make the perfect Christmas gift. Prices start from $95 per letter, and $299 for designs; to commission your own piece call 8869 7610, or check out more products on Instagram @ braganzahouse.

Flexible Lighting House of AnLi now stocks the Thierry le Swinger multifunctional LED lamp. The supplied line makes it easy to suspend the light anywhere, or it can be anchored into the ground using the specially developed beech-wood stand. Check them out at #03-17 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road .

UNDER THE HAMMER! WHEN: HotLotz has a live, in-room Christmas Gifts auction on Thursday 7 December, from 8pm. The sale could be the perfect solution for anyone looking to find original gifts for those hard- to-buy for types. WHAT TO EXPECT: Highlights include jewellery by Cartier, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co, as well as the 18k Yellow Gold Bird pendant set (pictured) with carved topaz, chalcedony crystal, mother-of-pearl and amethyst, which has a reserve of $1,200. Also going under the hammer are more than 50 lots of professionally stored vintage wines, being sold in bundles of six and twelve bottles, with no reserve. The full catalogue will be available online from 20 November. HOW: If you can’t attend in person, you can leave bids online or on the app. Head to to register, view upcoming catalogues or make a bid online.




Jo Paradine (wearing Coco Sand) with sons Hunter (17) and Luke (14), and daughter Sophie (9).

We chat with JO PARADINE, owner of new fashion brand Coco Sand , to find out the story behind the launch, and how she and her family get in the festive spirit .





Table cloth, placemats ($12.95 each), mint green and blue dinner plates ($24.95 each), water tumblers ($7.50), Mayfair wine goblets ($8.95), Bed Bath n’ Table; blue and white plates, tree decorations on plates, candles and candelabra, Tatty Marsh; log cake from

Pan Pacific Singapore.


M eeting Jo for what initially I believe is the first time, we quickly realise we’ve met before at a friend’s party, and have already chatted about her life in Bermuda before coming to Singapore. I remember feeling the pang of jealousy; I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in an idyllic white-sand paradise? However, after 17 years of living there, Jo was definitely ready for the family’s move to Singapore. Originally from New Zealand, Jo’s career began in the airline industry, and as a result she lived abroad for much of her adult life, from New Zealand to Dubai and Bermuda, and plenty of other places in between. “I’ve got New Zealand, British and Bermudian passports, but I’m a Kiwi girl at heart!” Meeting her husband Jon in Dubai, they spent 17 happy years in Bermuda, where they had their three children. Jo worked as a corporate travel agent, before being approached about a job by the chairman of one of Jon’s competitors to help source office space and organise the company’smarketing trips. “I tend tomicro- manage, and, after going on these types of trips withmy husband’s company, I always felt I could do better. You realise these executives are tired of the fancy dinners and just want to let their hair down while still entertaining and building relationships with their clients.” The family then moved to Singapore five years ago with Jon’s job in re-insurance. Jo was already familiar with the city, having stopped over and visited on many occasions. “I was so happy to come here; I felt I really knew the countrywell, and I’d always loved it.” They’ve lived in this Tanglin house since they arrived in 2012. “I’d have been quite happy in a condo, but Jon and the boys need the grounds – we had space in Bermuda and didn’t want to suddenly lose that. Our lease does renew every two years, and I’ve always looked around at other places out of curiosity, but they never quite match up. I wouldn’t consider a black-and-white house as snakes are one of my biggest fears!” Feel for Fashion The fact that the house is walking distance to Tanglin Mall is another big plus, particularly given Jo’s Coco Sand label has recently launched on the second floor of the popular shopping centre. The idea for the label came to her just over two years ago, while she was struggling to find clothing that ticked all the right boxes in terms of style, shape, size and price. However, with her father sadly passing away, and her mother suffering from dementia, all initial plans to move anything forward were put on hold – “I couldn’t commit to anything emotionally or

physically at that time; my parents were my priority.” Another year passed, and with an invitation to a wedding in Cyprus looming, Jo struggled again to find something that would be fit for the occasion. “I couldn’t find anything that was fun but still sophisticated, yet could be casual and pulled out of a case without creasing!” The fire to launch a fashion brand was reignited, and came to fruition over the ensuing 10 months. “I’m learning all the time, about fabrics, the weight of beading and how that effects shape, different sizing – this whole thing has been a huge learning curve.” The collection includes a clothing range in fabrics such as linen and rayon crinkle, with prices ranging from approximately $90 to $180. The brand also includes bags, jewellery and shoes.




Above, from left: Tree decorations from Tatty Marsh. This dining console is home to Jo’s family cutlery, which they Day. The floral arrangement is actually a wreath (also seen on the Flowers. Blue and white Christmas cookies from the Hyatt Hotel, sitting on a platter with silver rim from Bed Bath n’ Table ($29.95). front door) by Wild for use every Christmas


“I’m not really a designer, but after years of being a constant consumer and listening to women, I’ve developed styles that cater to the beautiful shapes that make us all different.” Not only does she design a variety of pieces to suit most shapes and sizes, but she’s adapted more traditional products, such as her snakeskin clutches, which have gold piping added, or bag straps with tassels. “We’ve also made sure that every flip-flop we sell is non-slip. Being a mum, you know there is a danger with that kind of very simple design element; my aim is to make things just that little bit better.” Asked how she feels about the new launch, Jo finds it difficult to put into words. “I’m feeling everything about it – it really hasn’t dawned on me, to be honest.” The business has clearly taught Jo a lot about herself, and her friends and family around her. “I’ve found out I actually do love different patterns and colours. I usually veer towards more muted tones, but my friend Sue has taught me to open my eyes to other aesthetics. I also know that I could not have done this without my amazing group of friends supporting me, or my husband Jon, who has been behind me all the way.” One of these “rocks” in her life is her friend and mentor Victoria Currie, who also owns Tatty Marsh. “We hit it off at a Tanglin Rugby Club tournament in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago. She’s my type of woman: very strong, and with a different way of looking at life. You just have to say, ‘I can’t’ to her, or ‘it’s not possible’, and that’s her trigger point – she will find a way.” Jo says that without Victoria, or Sue, she could not have managed to start her business. “I absolutely need these two women. I’ve been so lucky to have such honest, good mates – we can laugh and cry together, and also annoy each other! That’s why I don’t feel like I’m doing this on my own; I’m doing it with some fantastic women.” Christmas Vibes Having lived in so many different countries growing up, Jo counts Christmas as a time to really reconnect with her immediate family. Before Christmas Day, she makes a trip back to New Zealand to see her family and friends, alternating between taking her two boys, or Sophie. Jo’s brother Bobby, cousin Andrew and a long-term childhood friend back home are huge influences in hers and her children’s lives, and they take the boys out on plenty of adventures. Then, after she returns to Singapore just before Christmas, Jo’s mother-in-law will fly in from Bermuda. “Christmas Eve is a mad rush as we sit

there wrapping presents and chatting.” Christmas Day in the Paradine house is spent with family and no other guests. Jo admits she’s a terrible cook, although her nod to a Christmas tradition is baking Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast, as well as putting together a pavlova. “My husband is an amazing cook, so he does the dinner, and we spend the whole day together as a family, phones off, uninterrupted attention.” More traditions include the family ordering their real tree from Princes, and using Jo’s grandmother’s ivory-handled cutlery set over dinner. “I also do a tour of Singapore with Sophie, taking her on the Singapore Flyer, the river cruise, and down Orchard Road to get an ice cream and sit and take in all the lights. For Sophie and me, it’s our ‘thing’.” With the business only two months old, Christmas will also be a time for Jo to focus on the brand, and to continue to move it forward. Asked if she could pass on one tip to others who might be thinking of starting their own business, she says, “It’s so important to find people around you who aren’t scared to tell you when you’re wrong or encourage you to keep on trying.”

Right: The floral arrangements are created by Sophie Hancock from Wild for Flowers. This December she will be running Christmas table arranging workshops, and a Christmas wreath- making workshop hosted by Expat Living. Below: Tea cups and saucers ($24.95), mugs, teapot ($27.70) and wine goblets, Bed Bath n’ Table; candles and holders, heart decoration on cupboard, cushions,

ceramic stool as side table, Tatty Marsh.




DIRECTORY Bed Bath n’ Table (various locations) B1-41/41A/42 Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade Coco Sand #02-22 Tanglin Mall 163 Tanglin Road 6235 0060 Grand Hyatt Singapore 10 Scotts Road 6738 1234 | Pan Pacific Singapore 7 Raffles Boulevard 6336 8111 | Tatty Marsh #02-07 Tanglin Mall 163 Tanglin Road 6887 4225 | Wild for Flowers 97330534 |


– Chantal Travers, FairPrice Antique

FESTIVETIPS If you love Christmas, we hope you’ll love this – some fun festive tips for the home, to get you in the Yuletide mood.

– Nikki Settle, Originals




– Marie-Hélène van Houten, The Past Perfect Collection

– Visha Nelson, The Cinnamon Room

– Melinda Lim, European Bedding


– Felicia Koh, Gallery 278

– The Danish Design team

– Emelie Hedén, Mobler



The festive season is just around the corner, and aside from looking forward to all that gifting and feasting, why not add some seasonal cheer to your home with a beautiful Christmas tree? Check out these places for finding live and artificial trees of all kinds.

As Fresh as it Gets! Love the smell of fresh pine? Here are some spots where you can pick up a live Christmas tree. THOMSON NURSERIES Parallel to Thomson Road, near the Polo Club, you’ll find half a dozen or more handy garden centres in a row. Head over and nose around for the best deal on trees, as well as wreaths, poinsettias and more. Between Andrew Road and Olive Road FAR EAST FLORA Pick from a wide selection of tree heights, from four to 12 feet; costs range from $128 to $953. Prices include a stand, and delivery. They also stock wreaths and other fun festive plant options. Trees will be available from late November, but do call ahead to pre-order, and visit the website for locations. | 6251 2323 SING SEE SOON Ranging from two to 12 feet, the fresh noble fir Christmas trees at Sing See Soon start from $65. After the festive season is over, they’ll help you dispose of your tree for an additional $30. While you’re there, get your hands on other Christmas-themed plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe and holly. | 6285 2777 CANDY FLORICULTURE Imported fromOregon in the USA, pick up one of their fresh trees frommidNovember. Delivery charges range from $30 to $50. 567 Thomson Road | 6256 6788 PRINCE’S LANDSCAPE AND CONSTRUCTION Choose to collect your tree or take advantage of the free delivery service – useful if you’re opting for a giant perennial! Prices start at $170 and trees range from four to 20 feet. Too busy for baubles? Snap up a professional decoration package (for your tree or party venue), and you can also opt for free setup and disposal services. 53 Sungei Tengah Road | 6763 7000

Tree décor by Tatty Marsh




IKEA’s Fejke artificial tree, $69

Fake but Fab! No need to worry about sweeping up pine needles or branches with an artificial tree. These handy numbers are easy to stow away and can be set up for many Christmases to come! IKEA IKEA fans can purchase the store’s synthetic Fejka range of trees, measuring from 1.6 metres to two metres, and priced from $40. Visit the website for store locations and more stylish décor for the festive season ahead. VANDA WIN Here you’ll find a range of trees from five to 12 feet, and costing between $150 and $1,500. No time to decorate? Order a fully decorated tree in your preferred choice of design and style (from $450 for a five-footer). The store also carries a wide selection of Christmas décor such as reindeer, snowman figurines and wreaths. 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-25/26/27 OneKM Shopping Mall | 6296 7682 COLD STORAGE Artificial trees are now available in store at Cold Storage, along with plenty of food and ingredients for your Christmas feast. Visit for more information and locations. MASONS HOME DÉCOR Pick up a tree for your home (from just $29.90 for a five-footer), and while you’re there you can stock up on wreaths, baubles and party supplies. There are also bundle deals that include baubles, LED lights and tree-toppers. Order online or drop by the warehouse. #05-02A Hudson Industrial Building, 14 New Industrial Road | 6282 2185 SKP Find trees as small as 60cm and up to 1.5 metres, and pair them with a wide variety of decorations at SKP. Other Christmas items in store include cards, gift bags, hats, socks and banners. See skp. for information and locations.

SPOTLIGHT From trees for your tabletop (as small as 34cm) to large varieties for your living room centrepiece, Spotlight is the place to go. While you’re there, pick up some cute baubles and accessories for the festive season.

LAZADA Get your Christmas tree for a great price at . White and green trees range from 1.2 to 2.1 metres, some with lights and decorations already installed. You can also pick up other accessories such as stockings, gift bags and cake moulds.


White sequin, $14, Bungalow 55

Porcelain star, $4.95, Bed Bath n’ Table

Glass ball with Santa’s clothes line, $8.95, Bed Bath n’ Table

Decorations have come a long way since the basic bauble; here are a few festive ideas for your Christmas tree.

Winston the dog made in checked fabric, $23.95, Crate & Barrel

Glass Santa drop, $8.95, Bed Bath n’ Table

Glitter glass onion bauble, $9, Bungalow 55

Laser-cut Christmas snowflake ornament made of metal, with a distressed white finish, 12cm, $12, The Cinnamon Room




Unicorn, moon and stars, and sparkly wreath decoration, all $10.95, Cuckoo

Peacock feather glass bauble, $12, Tatty Marsh

Blue and white ball, $19, Tatty Marsh

Glitter pink glass, $6, Bungalow 55

Directory Bed Bath n’ Table (various) #B1-41/41A/42 Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade 6344 0427 | Bungalow 55 #01-05A Cluny Court 501 Bukit Timah Road 6463 3831 | The Cinnamon Room #02-74 Jalan Merah Saga, Blk 43 The Worklofts@Chipbee 9727 3051 | Crate & Barrel (various) #04-21/22 ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn 6634 4222 | Cuckoo #03-13 Tanglin Mall 163 Tanglin Road 9111 3598 | Tatty Marsh #02-07 Tanglin Mall 163 Tanglin Road 6887 4225 |

Red floral iron hearts in two sizes, 12cm and 8cm, $10 and $8 respectively, The Cinnamon Room

Red and green flocked snowflake ball, $16.95, Crate & Barrel

Alpaca bunnies with hats and scarves, handmade in Peru, $23.95, Crate & Barrel

Snowflake drop decoration, $15, Tatty Marsh




We join THIJS VEYFEYKEN in the cool Tiong Bahru showroom of European Bedding to find outmore about the company, and theman himself.

could find: natural organic latex. European Bedding was born. Located in a cosy shophouse in Tiong Bahru, we decided to do things differently. Our showroom is a private and homey place, where people can try at their ease as long as they want. Our mission is very simply to have “only happy customers”. That’s why we’ve implemented our 100-day free trial for all our mattresses. Has the business grown over time? We’ve definitely witnessed the rising popularity of natural and natural organic products. Customers have increasingly come to us because they heard about or read of the dangers of glue and metal coils in mattresses. We don’t use any glue and we don’t have metal coils, as recent studies have shown they act as antennas, attracting radiation. We’ve also added an organic baby cot mattress to our organic range for health-conscious mums and dads who want the best for their children. We do quite a lot of customisation for this range, too, which has proved successful.

What’s your background? I’m originally from Belgium but moved to Asia right after my studies. I was in China and Indonesia for a couple of years and settled down in Singapore around two years ago. I started working for European Bedding because I always felt like representing Belgian products globally, and, besides that, I’m a firm believer of the usage of natural products in our daily life. Tell us about the company. European Bedding was founded in 2013 in response to the demand of frustrated consumers who were upset by the mattress industry. Purchasing a mattress can be a confusing experience, with pushy sales people, tricky marketing and empty promises. We therefore developed a no-frills concept with an un- zippable cover and the best of the best materials we


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