December 2016

Often compared to choosing a piece of art, finding the right rug for a room is an important decision – one that involves taking colour, design, texture, fabrication technique, thickness and more into consideration. We find out from Hedger’s Carpet Gallery customer PEGGY LOW how she goes about choosing a carpet, and what she has purchased for her home. Carpet Choice


Peggy Low and son Benjamin See, Singaporean Just like art, the rugs I purchase for my home and office must add warmth and character. My personal style is modern, but I do love traditional designs for the home, and I find that carpets add ambience. I like to purchase quality carpets that are unique – either in design, colour or origin – and I occasionally choose antique pieces. I also consider them a good investment, as they can keep their value over time; this is important in these days

of high-cost living, when money is often spent on things that you don’t even remember! You know that if you purchase a carpet for a relative or a good friend you will always be remembered in their home, and, if it’s well maintained, it could last for at least the next 50 years. I was first introduced to Hedger’s Carpet Gallery by a friend who worked for ExxonMobil, the company for whom Hedger’s held regular auctions. Alice and Peter fromHedger’s are both friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and provide plenty of information on the varieties and origin of the rugs. With their guidance, I have made some very good decisions. I’d say I’ve bought 90 percent of my carpets fromHedger’s, and I always peek in when they have a new shipment. My current collection ranges from a doormat worth $300 to a high-quality piece worth $12,000. The company’s periodical auctions are also great fun, especially as an opportunity to share the experience with friends while enjoying some wine and finger food. The company’s after-sales service is excellent, too, and the customer service is never pushy. I’m very happy with what I have bought so far; each piece is a joy to own. The advice I receive from Hedger’s is always welcome. I remember once saying to Peter that I would only use my silk carpets for special occasions, to which he replied, “Why keep them rolled up? You only live once!

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