Are Twinkly LED lights difficult to use? No! You just purchase your lights and download the Twinkly app. Then, register and link up your app and you can control your lights remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But the app is more than a remote control, it features thousands of effects. These can be used as is or customised to create your own. Always wanted a rainbow or falling snowflakes across your Christmas tree? Twinkly Lights are your answer. How do they work? You use the companion Twinkly app to map your decoration – for example, your Christmas tree. It will scan the tree to create a virtual layout. This enables it to control the whole group of lights as one single object. The app determines the position of each single LED light. A 3D model of the tree is created in seconds, and then the Christmas lights, sequencing or patterns can be controlled and customised. Can I customise my Christmas décor by choosing any colour I like? Say, a candy cane scheme on my Christmas tree? Absolutely! You can fully customise the colour of each individual LED. Twinkly LED lights perform 16 million colours, 16 million shades of white, or both, and the effects gallery is continuously added to. You might want to keep the kids away from your phone as you may never get it back! It seems a shame to box them up again after Christmas. Can I use them all year round? You definitely can – they can be an atmospheric backdrop at a party, for example, or you can use them to create ambience at a wedding or steal the scene at Halloween. Even light them up in the colours of your favourite football team. Fairy lights are a popular way to add ambience; the fact that you can adjust them with a huge variety of patterns makes Twinkly LED lights a huge step up. Is there anything else I can use them for? Twinkly has made a move into the gaming market, enabling the lights to work with best-in-class gaming products. With native Razer Chrome RGB support and HP Omen Studio, Twinkly has joined the world’s largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices. This makes them a great gift for any gamers you might know. Perhaps there’s a teenager in your family who would love Twinkly LED lights to create an immersive gaming experience that glows with the game colour?

Twinkly Lights are only available in Singapore via exclusive distributor Burns+Myers; they cost between $200 and $800. Choose from Strings, Festoon and Curtain lights and the music dongle in-store. There’s also a “1+1” warranty special available in an ongoing social media campaign, so you can enjoy an extended two-year warranty on your lights versus the standard one-year warranty. Happy days!


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