SunCare Isn’t Just Sunscreen

By Adjunct Associate Professor Elissa O’Keefe NP

We all have different skin types, colours and concerns. Yet there’s one issue we have in common: protecting our skin from damaging UV rays. UV radiation is responsible for sunburn, premature ageing and, at its worst, skin cancer. Even short exposure can be harmful in any season and any time of day. Protecting the skin is therefore vital for keeping it healthy and maintaining a youthful look. Does sun care only involve sunscreen? Actually, it doesn’t. Adding a few ancillary ingredients and strategies can elevate the action of sunscreen and diminish existing damage. Physical Sunscreen – A Mask Against the Sun Suitable for those with sensitive skin, including children, physical (mineral) sunscreen ingredients block UV rays before they penetrate the skin. The two heroes here are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both offering broad-spectrum protection. Science Skincare’s cosmetic sunscreens create a barrier between your skin and UV rays to protect from premature ageing and keep skin healthy. A sunscreen should be cosmetically elegant and comfortable to wear on its own or underneath makeup; if you prefer a tinted sunscreen, it can double as makeup – one less thing to do in the morning! Vitamin C – “C” is for Collagen Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts protection from photodamage caused by UV rays when you pair it with a sun protection product. It also helps to suppress pigmentation for an even tone, build collagen to reduce wrinkles and prevent redness. Using a vitamin C serum in the morning underneath your sunscreen assists sun damage protection and healing, stimulates collagen synthesis and brightens the skin. Vitamin A – The Gold Standard This star skincare ingredient works at a cellular level to promote collagen production and reduce existing collagen breakdown, while also improving skin texture and tone. By using vitamin A and sunscreen products consistently, you’ll notice more radiant skin, fewer lines and wrinkles and even improvement in various skin conditions such as acne. Topical vitamin A is best used at night and should be applied gradually, starting with a couple of times a week at a lower percentage to build tolerance. Cover Up

Cultural Fusion Struggling with pimples and acne? Codex Beauty Labs has introduced the Shaant range, a collection of four breakthrough skincare products that tackle oily and acne-prone skin. They were formulated in partnership with Dr Raja Sivamani, an integrative dermatologist and certified Ayurvedic practitioner. By leveraging biotech-manufactured plant stem cells from Indian plants long valued by Ayurvedic healers for their soothing and balancing properties, the result is a harmonious integration between Ayurvedic principles and Western approaches. Try out the balancing foaming cleanser, the refining toner, the balancing clay mask and the oil control cream for maximum impact.

Facials that Heal In celebration of its 15th anniversary, La Source Spa & Hair is introducing an interesting new therapy with ancient roots – the La Source Crystal Healing Facial, based on techniques and therapies derived from ancient cultures. La Source has long been a proponent of natural treatments and ingredients that bring about holistic wellness, and this new crystal therapy is designed to promote natural wellbeing and bring a deeper dimension to its spa offerings.

Last ly, the benef i ts of wearing hats and gloves and seeking shade can’t be underestimated. Avoiding the sun as much as possible, particularly in a climate like Singapore’s, is essential, adding an extra layer of protection to reduce the cumulative amount of UV exposure and the risk of skin cancer and premature ageing. Find out more at .

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