Herbal Pharm’s Manuka honey is 100 percent from New Zealand, independently lab-certified and presented in pure natural liquid form. While regular honey can be intensely sweet and often with cloying, overpowering flavours, genuine Manuka has medium sweetness, similar to caramel, gently nutty, with a contrasting but pleasant, bitter mocha aftertaste. It is also darker in colour and has a heavier texture. While most honey is heat-processed, this raw honey is unprocessed and maintains its nutrients and beneficial qualities, legendary amongst the Maori people. Healing and protecting Honey is well known to be a powerful antioxidant with anti inflammatory properties. It supports digestive health and enhances immunity against infections and allergies. Its phenols protect cells all over the body, especially the heart, and improve liver functions. Honey also boosts the immune system with vitamins C, B12, B6, A, E, niacin, thiamine and D. Topical honey treatment has been used to heal wounds and burns since Ancient Egyptian times and is still used today. Its velvety and earthy mouthfeel also soothes sore throats and is often used as a comforting bedtime tonic for better sleep. It can even be used as a moisturising face pack to calm angry skin conditions caused by sunburn, acne and rashes. Proteins and minerals in the honey help the skin to glow. And you can safely lick the honey off your lips while it works its magic. It’s getting harder to identify real honey. Forget what it says on the label – with even the popular brands mixing up products from different countries, we can’t be sure if what we’re buying is actual honey, or in fact, liquid corn sugar.

Lab-tested MGO rating Manuka honey is considered a superfood. Herbal Pharm’s Manuka honey is graded according to its methylglyoxal (MGO) content. MGO rating reflects the antibacterial activity in the honey and must meet naturally occurring markers and the pollen test. Honey is identified as Multifloral, meaning the bees predominantly harvested nectar from the Manuka bush as well as other flowers near the hive, or Monofloral, meaning the bees only harvested Manuka bushes. While all raw honey is healthy, Manuka honey is noted to have higher therapeutic and anti-microbial properties. Chef’s secret ingredient Manuka honey is valued for its signature smoothness and rich flavour. Chefs use the ingredient to add a touch of mystery to recipes. In the Mediterranean and the Middle East, where honey has been recognised for its taste and health-giving properties for centuries, visitors will see it on the table at every meal. As a sugar substitute, honey is unrivalled. A spoonful of honey is a great energy booster when you need to kickstart your morning. Add it to plain yoghurt, coffee or tea. It improves the nutritional value of any meal. Drizzle some on your salads or ice cream. Jazz up a charcuterie platter with a bowl of Manuka to accompany salty feta or melty soft cheeses like a creamy brie. Just as boutique perfumeries use coffee beans to prepare the nose for smelling each new fragrance, the earthy notes and bitter aftertaste in this honey can act as a palate cleanser for the enjoyment of other flavours during a meal. If you want the real deal, it doesn’t get better than this. Prices for 250 grams range from $24 (MGO50+) to $139 (MGO 800+).

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