What do you love most about your job, and what’s the most demanding part? I’m fond of my country and my people, and I believe it’s a privilege and a great opportunity that I’m able to bring Hungary closer to the people in Singapore. I love to show the young, innovative spirit of my nation and I’m proud that I can contribute to achieve great cooperation and business deals between Hungarian and local businesses. The most demanding is probably that it’s also a huge responsibility, and it’s a job that demands full dedication in every part of life. There is no real break from being an ambassador. What has been your most memorable meeting so far? Do you get nervous before meeting high-ranking politicians? I did get nervous when I started, but with time you get used to it, like anything in life. I remember my first speech; I practiced for hours in front of the mirror – now I only need a couple of minutes before an event. I believe you can get used to anything; it just needs practice. Working in diplomacy is just another job, maybe with a bit more responsibility. I ’ve had a lot of memorable encounters with Heads of State, including the American President, the Belgian, Jordanian and Spanish kings, and several great personalities from the scientific and cultural fields. But what I’m really proud of is that, during my tenure in Indonesia, we finalised the biggest Hungarian technology export when a Hungarian company won the Indonesian government tender to establish a new electric tolling system on Indonesian toll-roads. The competition was strong and it was a big achievement – a US$300 million project and a 10-year concession.

81 AUGUST2022

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