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BY PATRICEA CHOW Babies change rapidly in the first 18 months – and so do their food needs. Instead of purchasing new appliances at each stage to match those changing needs, get yourself a gadget that will look after the lot! The LoveCook Pro 8-in-1 baby food processor by LoveAmme can sterilise bottles, defrost frozen food and warm it up, blend ingredients, and cook meals while preserving nutrients that are essential for your baby’s growth and development. It will also save you time on food preparation – which means more time to spend with bub! 8 ways to save time with the LoveCook Pro The food processor has eight functions that can be adapted depending on the age of your baby. Function #1: Steriliser The steam sterilisation kills germs on newborn baby items such as bottles, bottle teats and feeding accessories. The sterilising chamber can fit a large milk A temperature-controlled warmer evenly warms milk to feeding temperature for babies while preserving essential nutrients. Function #3: Auto blend Blends food to a fine texture for your baby’s introduction to solid food at four months or above. Function #4: Manual blend Achieves various textures suited to each stage of your child’s eating development – you can even blend a smoothie to nourish yourself! Function #5: Defrost A temperature-controlled warmer quickly defrosts frozen food for serving. bottle for each sterilisation cycle. Function #2: Bottle warmer

Hear from a mother I’ve been using the LoveCook Pro ever since I started my son on solids. As a first-time mum, I had no idea where to start or what I needed to prepare for baby solids. Luckily, this processor is super easy to use and has multiple functions that make preparation easy! It can sterilise, steam, blend and warm up food all in one go. Maybeline Sim Function #6: Reheat Choose a temperature-controlled steam or water bath to gently reheat your baby’s food. Function #7: Steam cook Concurrently steam different types of food in a double-layer steaming rack. This halves food preparation time while preserving the nutritional value of food. Function #8: 3-in-1 cooker Easily cook porridge (6+ months), rice (12+ months) or pasta (18+ months) as your child grows. You can cook all food types such as fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts and grains in the LoveCook Pro. Simply pop the ingredients in and press the corresponding button on the panel. Easy maintenance All parts of the processor, including the water tank, can be easily dissembled for cleaning. It’s made of high-quality materials that are BPA-free and meet international safety standards for babies and mums.

The LoveCook Pro 8-in-1 Baby Food Processor is available at all Mothercare Singapore stores,,, and

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