#4 Martial arts

Martial arts training offers countless benefits for both mind and body. For kids, it’s especially useful, as it teaches perseverance, focus, mindfulness, respect and self-discipline. Open to children from the age of four, Elevate’s karate programme offers 45 minutes of movement and mental focus, and a chance to exercise those social skills. There’s also a family-friendly kickboxing class that serves as the perfect stress buster while you torch calories and tone up. #5 Badminton Played between opponents in singles and doubles, badminton’s a great sport for building social skills, resilience, focus and think-on your-feet skills. For this reason, Elevate’s badminton programme is particularly popular for ages eight to 25, with competition training available, too. #6 Functional fitness Functional fitness training is designed to strengthen the body to perform everyday activities like climbing the stairs or lifting objects with less risk of injury. The whole idea is to train the muscles to work together for real-life movements – for instance, getting in and out of squats as you move the wet laundry from the bottom washer to the top dryer – so that they’re conditioned to perform properly each and every time. It’s a great way to sweat and get social, build endurance and boost mobility. Plus, knowing your muscles have gotten all that practice can take some stress out of your everyday activities! #7 Sport psychology Athletes feel better and perform at their best when they’re in a good headspace. Goal setting, visualisation and self-talk techniques are among some of the key tools sports psychologists can use to get them there. Whether you want to up your game as an athlete, crush your pre-game jitters or facilitate better team-building skills, Elevate’s sport psychologist can help, working with both teams and individuals to meet their goals.

#2 Tennis More than just an excellent full-body workout, tennis is a social sport that requires focus and strategy. So, while you’re getting in some serious cardio, your mind will be focused on the court, not on your latest work assignment. Open to both kids and adults, this programme teaches technical and tactical skills, and breathing techniques and other coping strategies that can come in handy off the court as well. #3 Dance Not only is this a solid hour of exercise, but it’s also a great opportunity to have fun and move your kids, and learn about different dance genres. Plus, the entire fam can flex their creativity muscles and work as a team to choreograph fun dance sequences! If you’re looking to get social, break a sweat and push yourself out of your normal pop-rock comfort zone, you’ll want to try African dance fitness – a high-energy sweat session set to rhythmic music from across sub-Saharan Africa.

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