If you’re feeling a bit off, having trouble sleeping or finding that you’re losing your cool with the kids a lot more than usual, there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough of that necessary form of self-care you so desperately need: exercise. Beneficial for both the body and mind, physical activity is a natural mood-booster that has been proven to reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and increase self-confidence. But, while we’ve known these therapeutic benefits for some time, recent research suggests that exercise can actually cause certain neurobiological changes that help in coping with mental health challenges. There is even research that supports the efficacy of exercise as a form of mental health management in its own right. This is good news, especially given that there’s still a stigma around talk therapy and taking medication for mental health disorders. And, with an alarmingly high suicide rate here in Singapore, particularly in kids and teens, it seems that sport and exercise as a form of treatment can go a long way in helping both adults and kids who are reluctant to try medication or talk therapy. Here’s how this sports and fitness provider in Singapore is blending movement and mental health for ultimate wellness results – and how you and your family can benefit.

Combatingmental illness withmovement This is the very idea behind Elevate Athletic Wellness, a new sport and fitness provider focused on mental wellness. While getting active is certainly a goal, enhancing mental wellness through physical activity – and achieving that feel-good factor – is the priority. Affiliated with The Center for Psychology, Elevate Athletic Wellness is the first and only sports and wellness centre in Singapore to offer fitness programmes guided by certified instructors who are trained psychologists or have experience working with clients with special needs, including adults and children with ADHD, ADD, social anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Open to individuals, groups and families, each programme is designed to get your body moving and improve your skills, and can be tailored to your needs and goals. It’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, children and friends – or, even meet new ones – and try new things. Here’s a look at some of Elevate’s offerings, and what you can expect from each. #1 Acroyoga A combination of yoga and acrobatics, Acroyoga is a great way for parents and kids to build strength and flexibility, at the same time fostering a sense of trust and creating an emotional connection. It involves one parent lying on the ground supporting a child with his or her feet, while the other parent acts as a spotter to ensure the little flyer lands safely – a sure-fire hit for any little one in your life!



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