Since the start of the pandemic, in particular, Dr Kissun has seen an increase in patients come to himwith headaches, neck and back pain as a result of more sedentary lifestyles and makeshift work-from-home setups that offer poor ergonomic support. In addition to adjustments, he offers patients advice on ergonomic work-from-home arrangements. Of course, injuries arising from playing sport or doing workouts, as well as repetitive overuse injuries, are also among the typical reasons why people might seek care from a chiropractor. Some of the most common sports injuries Dr Kissun treats include:

In children and adolescents, some of the most common conditions that Dr Kissun treats include: • poor posture; • scoliosis; • headaches; • sleep disorders; • poor concentration; • flat feet; and • sports injuries. Natural wellness care as a lifestyle You don’t need to have an existing ailment or wait until you’re in pain to benefit from chiropractic care, says Dr Kissun. Many of his patients actually continue treatment long after they’ve recovered from the original problem that brought them in. Chiropractic is simply part of their preventative care and ongoing wellness routines, he says. “Being healthy is not merely the absence of disease. You need to move well, think well and eat well. Why would you want to wait for your body to break down? We should be taking proper care of ourselves and preventing health issues from arising. Regular chiropractic care can help ensure you are living at your optimal level of health and function.” Kissun Chiropractic • #25-04 Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place • #02-09 Siglap Centre, 55 Siglap Road 6243 2191 |

• runner’s knee; • golfer’s elbow;

• tennis elbow; and • strains and sprains. Not just for grown-ups

Kids and babies can benefit from chiropractic care too. According to Dr Kissun, the birthing process – especially with the use of forceps, suction or vacuum extraction – can cause trauma to an infant’s spine, warranting chiropractic evaluation. For this reason, many parents start chiropractic care for their children right from infancy. At Kissun Chiropractic, parents bring their newborns in for everything from colic and reflux to torticollis (tightness in the neck muscle that affects the position of the head). An aligned spine, he says, can even help with growth and development, and with prevention of health issues that could arise later on in life.

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