Know Where BY AMY GREENBURG From broken bones and cuts to burns and other medical mishaps, there’s a lot that can go wrong. But knowing exactly where to go for treatment is something you can get right – so, read this! The Urgent Care Clinic International (UCCI) team shares scenarios where you’ll want to opt for urgent care at UCCI over A&E.

#2 Your child hurt her wrist at gymnastics training “Paediatric bone and joint injuries often only require x-rays, and temporary splints. UCCI has in-house x-ray facilities to quickly evaluate the injury and treat it,” says Dr Diana. “However, more serious injuries with obvious deformities will likely require hospitalisation and surgery, and are better managed at a hospital ER.” #3 Your child has a high fever Fevers from yearly cold and flu, and other viral infections, are common in young children. Have some standby paracetamol and ibuprofen syrup at home. “If the child is lethargic, dehydrated or has persistent vomiting, then UCCI can quickly assess, diagnose and treat your child,” says Dr Diana. “However, if your child has had a fit or is unrousable, head straight to an ER.” #4 It’s 8pm and your son is complaining of ear pain Pain from an ear infection can normally be assessed the next day. Dr Diana recommends a dose of paracetamol or ibuprofen. “But, sometimes, insects or little toys may find their way into your child’s ear. Doctors at UCCI are equipped to remove such objects or treat painful ear canal infections.” #5 Your child split her chin open on the playground Dr Diana suggests washing the wound with lots of water, applying compression with a clean towel or gauze to stop the bleeding, then heading straight to urgent care. “Specialists at UCCI will be able to assess if the wound will require stitches, or whether tissue glue or medical tape will suffice in getting the wound to heal with good cosmetic effect. Deep and dirty lacerations involving tendons or muscles may require surgical repair under general anaesthesia and hospitalisation via a hospital ER.” Other conditions that can be treated at UCCI: Chest infection, food poisoning, skin rashes, allergies, eczema, conjunctivitis (pink eye), HFMD, minor nosebleed, minor headache, anxiety attack, sprains and strains, insect or animal bites (pets), minor cuts and burns, removal of stitches or complex wound dressing. Urgent Care Clinic International #01-01 Parkroyal on Kitchener Road, 181 Kitchener Road 6910 5388 |

If your condition is urgent but not life threatening, you can be treated at an urgent care facility rather than going to A&E or ER, says specialist emergency physician DR CHEAH SI OON. “An urgent care clinic can provide a higher level of outpatient care than GPs, while not being physically attached to a hospital.” While there are many urgent care clinics around town, UCCI is currently the only private clinic of its kind in Singapore. Run by a team of accredited adult and paediatric emergency specialists, and specialty-trained nurses, UCCI can do on-site blood and urine tests, x-rays and ultrasound scans, which allow for more immediate diagnosis and treatment. What to do when it happens to you Any injury can feel like an emergency in the heat of the moment. However, you can spare yourself and your child a trip to the always-crowded ER in so many situations! Here are five of them: #1 Your toddler put a toy soldier up his nose This kind of item can often be easily retrieved at UCCI and doesn’t require a visit to the ER with your curious three-year-old, says DR DIANA LIN YUJUAN, specialist paediatrician and children’s emergency physician. “However, if your toddler has swallowed a magnet, water bead or battery, you should head to the ER, as hospitalisation or immediate surgical removal may be required.”



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