Ageing is inevitable, but ageing skin isn’t! Retain your youthful lookswith these anti ageing skincare products, as they strive to combat common issues like wrinkles, dullness, sagging and uneven tone.

Anti-Ageing Solutions

Allure Skincare – Dr.Belter Cosmetic Crème Jubilee, $188 The Dr.Belter Jubilee Expertise 40 moisturiser has a very creamy texture, but is still lightweight and wears a bit more like a cream than a lotion. There are many great ingredients in this product, combining organic plant extracts with high-tech skincare actives including niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. It absorbs very quickly and has a soothing sensation on the skin, much like a comfort blanket. I think this is a perfect everyday moisturiser and brilliant when the skin is feeling tired. It keeps my skin hydrated for a whole day. The one thing I wish was different about the product is the packaging. It comes in a flat wide jar, which inevitably made me use a much larger amount of product than necessary. Karin Galley

Optimal – BEMA Naturys Vanity Routine Anti-Ageing Serum (10 x 3ml ampoule), $106 This is a great serum to try. It has a light and non-sticky texture with a really pleasant scent. It comes in 10 small vials – great for travelling, but most importantly it works really well on the skin. I have dry and sensitive skin so I’m always after a serum that has a hydrating formula and this one does a good job so I didn’t have to use any moisturiser over this. My skin is also a little bumpy and I can see that it’s visibly smoother after use so this may be something worth investing in on a regular basis. Anna Tserlingas



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