Budge the Bulge! What to do when exercise and dieting don’t seem to work on stubborn belly fat? Having a conspicuous bulge can seriously weigh down the self-esteem. Dr Marco Faria Correa offers a scientifically informed solution in the form of robotic abdominoplasty. Using the revolutionary Da Vinci surgical method of keyhole incision, this tummy tuck works by lessening the gap between your left and right abdominal muscles. As a result, your core muscles are strengthened, losing the belly pudge. Key benefits of this method include minimal scarring, minimal tissue trauma, low infection rate and fast recovery. Put up with a few bruises and slight swelling for a few days after the surgery, and you’re good to go! Available at Dr Marco Faria Correa Plastic Surgery.

In this month’s column, we chat with NMITADOAK, founder of makeup brand Amplio, about the issue of when to start wearing makeup.

How Young is Too Young? I have somuch funwithmydaughterwhen shedoesmymakeup for me. And even if I end up looking like The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, I wouldn’t change the giggles for the world! But my daughter and I both have sensitive skin and we can’t use many products, so earlier this year we decided to create our own gloss for kids. The result is Amplio Goldfish Orange and Golden Fairy Dust (l love the names she came up with!). These are fabulous for those delicate little lips and provide just a little shimmer and shine to encourage them to smile. I’m not a fan of full-on makeup for children, but I feel the age of around 10 is okay for a little gloss that makes them feel special. As they grow older, a subtle blush can look nice as well, but I really don’t want my baby to grow up too fast! It’s all about mother and daughter having fun together and satisfying their natural curiosity. Embrace the occasion! As for glitter, I don’t think there is any age limit for this one. From the minute you get your first little glitter art on your arm to the time you have a gloss with some glitter in it, it’s all very exciting. I think most magpies like me are sold forever! Love and enjoy the mum-and-daughter experience!




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