Enjoying your youthful, bouncy skin? Good – it’s time to protect it! Elissa O’Keefe of Science Skincare Singapore provides some tips. Skin is the largest organ in the body and it gets exposed to environmental aggressors daily throughout our entire life. Committing to just two key goals in your twenties – maintaining healthy skin and preventing premature ageing – can help you build a regimen that you can follow through the upcoming decades and keep your skin healthy and you gorgeous! Here are 10 ways that twenty-somethings can stick to those two goals. #1 Cleanse: Use a mild cleanser twice a day to remove impurities, makeup and sunscreen built up throughout the day and to prevent aggravating any skin issues. #2 Exfoliate: A serum exfoliant can help freshen your skin, prevent breakouts and blemishes, and moisturise from the bottom of the skin. #3 Use an antioxidant: Vitamin C helps reduce free radical production and boost collagen synthesis, keeping those wrinkles at bay. Skincare in your Twenties

#4 Add a retinol product: The best vitamin A products in cosmetics are retinaldehyde (retinal) and retinyl palmitate (retinyl). Vitamin A prevents freckles, age spots and wrinkles, and balances oil. #5 Moisturise: You should moisturise even if you have oily and blemish-prone skin; just look for the right product for your type and concerns. #6 Protect from UV rays and pollution: Wearing sunscreen is important at any age and any time of year. Science Skincare’s Hydra UV Protect creates a barrier between your skin and harmful UV rays with two key ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. #7 Watch your diet: A balanced diet with healthy fats, greens and legumes is good for the skin; you may also want to reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods. #8 Exercise weekly: Moving the body assists skin health by reducing inflammation and getting the blood flowing, giving you a beautiful glow. #9Get your beauty sleep: Our skin recovers and regenerates best while we sleep. Put a serum on before bed that’s rich in vitamin A and let it work its magic overnight. #10 Don’t set unrealistic goals: Our complexions can never be flawless or poreless; that only happens in beauty campaigns! Most importantly, sunscreen is a daily essential.

Eco-Friendly Hair Care It’s tempting to revamp your hairstyle for a fresh look, but the many chemicals in hair products can cause irreversible damage. This is why Love Hair boutique hair salon, located just off Keong Saik Road, actively chooses to invest in more natural ingredients, minimising the use of chemicals. Striving to ensure the health and happiness of every client, Love Hair offers a series of services from colouring and styling to treatments and wedding hairdos with an eco-friendly touch. The brand’s environmental consciousness extends to reducing its carbon footprint wherever possible, including initiatives like recycling, utilising locally filtered water and more. The salon’s reclaimed wood interior is a final bonus, beckoning you into a calming, pristine environment.

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