Busy Do you have a little inventor at home? Kids aged from five to 14 will have a world of fun at a Maker camp, using tools and materials in a makerspace to explore, discover, create and build. Builders

A word from a parent Lise (British), and son Noah (8)

Noah attended the Create, Make, Invent camp in the lead-up to Christmas. He absolutely loved the camp – he couldn’t stop talking each evening about what they’d done that day, and would happily go off again every morning! He brought so many projects home – several every day, and some of them really complicated! It allowed us to see how and what he’d learned. We received daily videos and photos from camp, too, that helped us to track his achievements. I think the skills they learned are really important for the future; nobody knows exactly which occupations will be popular by the time these kids are adults, but robotics, engineering and creativity will definitely be needed! We meet the kids between 8.30 and 9am and start straight on projects. During the day, kids will take on at least four or five projects, all connected with robotics, building, circuits, 3D printing and modelling; there’s some coding involved, too, but it’s mostly non-screen coding. During the day, kids have lunch and two snacks, and at 4pm they go home by the camp’s school bus or get picked up by parents. These are open-concept camps where children learn a lot about engineering and technology, creating and inventing using tools and knowledge available to them to create and invent. The teachers are very experienced and can lead the children and help with any questions. I think it’s an absolutely great thing to do in the holidays; this isn’t boring learning, but hands-on, open-minded activities for boys and girls. A word from an instructor Yulia

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