Super Newtonshow is an international science camp that started in Europe in 2011, before opening its first branch in Singapore in 2016. Since then, it’s had 10,000 happy customers – we hear about four of them, below, and check in with an instructor. Science

A word from a parent Jaime (mother of Justin, Caleb, Charmaine and Julian) My four kids joined the Harry Potter Science School by Newtonshow, one of three Christmas camps offered for the year-end holiday. Targeted for kids from three to 13 years, it was the perfect age range for my five-to-12-year olds, who got to attend a camp together for the first time! The main focus of the camp – and the core of Newtonshow – was science, using Harry Potter as the main theme for activities. These included “Potions Workshop”, “Dragons and Other Mystical Creatures”, “Muggle Art”, “Advanced Astronomy” and more. The camp was the highlight of their school holidays. This was an all-inclusive camp – the fee of $630 covered all materials for five days, daily lunch and snacks, a T-shirt, photo, certificate and prizes. I totally appreciate the effort by Newtonshow to compile and send parents a daily video of camp happenings – it meant we could talk about it at the end of the day and share their excitement too! A word from an instructor “Professor Brain” Newtonshow camps are great because kids can learn different science subjects in a very hands-on and active way. The camps are well organised for kids and parents alike; children spend the whole week here and want to come back again – we have a lot of returning customers! And, since every season is a new subject, they can continue to learn more and more. As a parent, you can be sure your kids will have the best experience.

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