Enjoy the time with your little ones, because they quickly become big ones!

What was your role in the feeding process? Once the chi ldren went to solid food, Fiona would make a variety of fresh pureed fruit and vegetables, and I would help with the feeding. Is there something you became an expert at while raising your babies that you never expected to be good at? I’ve thought long and hard about this and unfortunately I can’t think of anything! I’m not sure I reached the “expert” level of proficiency in anything! One day you may feel like an expert, and then the next... When they were toddlers, I would have said “negotiation”, but now that they’re teens I don’t feel like an expert in that anymore! Was sleep deprivation an issue for Fiona or for you? We were lucky with both of our children and were usually only woken up once in the night. However, our sleep time was reduced, of course, and, apart from joining the baby for an occasional nap at the weekend, it ’s something we just “got used to”. What’s the product you couldn’t (and can’t!) do without for your children? When t he y we r e bab i e s , Sudocrem. Now they’re older, they have their own go-to products – we just have to finance them!

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