Voice of a student Alexis Ashton, Year 4, English My younger sister Maddie and I were part of the first cohort entering Brighton College in August 2020. We transferred there from another international school in Singapore. I enjoy all the

lessons that I’ve been having and I love the school! Next year, I want to learn at least 10 new facts – it’s super fun learning at Brighton. I’ve made friends with everyone in my class and I like all of my teachers. It’s my first time doing cookery, drama and outdoor activities at school. I also love the lessons I’ve had in drama, French, English and cookery the most. The school is absolutely brilliant!

Hear fromparents Emily and Gavin Ashton

Brighton College is a great school because of its fantastic teaching and support team that cares about each individual child and their holistic development. We chose the school not only due to its great reputation in the UK, but for the ethos of kindness that runs through it. It offers a great baseline for the children to be able to explore, take risks, fail and learn from mistakes. The school just instinctively felt like a great place to send our girls to.

FOUNDED: 2020 DATES: August to June

AGES: 18 months to 11 years SIZE: Capacity for up to 550 students from Pre-Nursery to Year 6; maximum of three classes per year level and an average class ratio of 1:9 CURRICULUM: Enhanced English National Curriculum

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