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I always ask them to try new foods and decide from there. They’re allowed to take a few bites and decide for themselves if they like the food! Experimenting is highly encouraged in our family. Nisha

I’m the only vegetarian in the house, so there’s always plenty of veggies on offer. As a British Indian, I’ve always grown up with a mixed Western and Asian diet, so I’m finding the kids have similar exposure to food choices. We always have a range of dishes being cooked in the house, from lots of yummy Indian food, to Malay dishes, to Thai cuisine and good old British beans on toast! I just opt for a variety and encourage the kids to always try something at least once before dismissing it. Dee

HOWDO YOU GET YOUR CHILDREN TO EAT CERTAIN FOODS, OR GIVE THEM A GOOD ATTITUDE TOWARDS FOOD IN GENERAL? I make my kids try everything on their plate every time. But I don’t force them to eat any more than one bite if they don’t want to. The more kids try things, the more likely they are to start enjoying them. So, even if my kids say they don’t like something once, I make them try one bite again the next time it’s in a dish they’re given. Lucy

Thankfully, they are really good eaters. We really only eat healthy food so they don’t have a choice, and they have to finish their plates before they can leave the table. We will joke and say broccoli will give you big muscles, and if they really don’t eat their vegetables they don’t get dessert – which always means there’s a clean plate! Making it fun helps; playing the aeroplane-spoon game is always a fave. Melissa

I think travelling has helped my kids to eat more adventurously. We would take time to eat in restaurants that have been recommended for local cuisine, explore markets and test out all the local snacks. Nicola

Keep offering. It ’s not always successful but at least we give her the option to eat it! Grace

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