Try to expose c h i l d r e n t o new tastes and textures from a young age; they’ l l slowly b u i l d t h e i r palates to the point that they f ind di fferent cuisines more acceptable as they grow.

Hawker Highlights for Kids

#3 Milo Dinosaur

With the likes of oyster omelette and sambal stingray on offer, hawker centres can leave parents scratching their heads at meal choices for kids. Here are some options that might please even the fussiest little eaters – with some healthy options, too. #1 Satay Charry meats cooked over a barbecue with a satay sauce that you can keep on the side for picky palates, and an eating style that requires no implements: what’s not to love? #2 Egg Fried Rice There are plenty of varieties of this ubiquitous dish, but kids tend to enjoy simple egg fried rice or pineapple- fried rice for added sweetness.

The name implies a huge amount of Milo, and that’s what you get! This naughty treat is a sweet, milky chocolate-malt drink. #4 Wonton Mee Children love the bite-sized, dinky parcels in this dish, and the noodles give them a chance to try out their chopstick skills. #5 Thosai The epic size of these delish Indian pancakes – they almost look like something you might unfurl and put on your wall rather than eat! – makes them lots of fun for little ones. #6 Ice Kacang Rainbow-coloured ice kacang is a Malaysian dessert specialty with ice, syrup, jelly, fruit and other ingredients. Pretty and tasty all at once.

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