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What parents say Roisin and Kasper Hansen, Danish/ Filipino; Connor (6) and Michael (4) We came across White Lodge (East Coast) back in 2013. Given that our kids’ age gap is less than two years and they would

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We love the art and cookery

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FOUNDED: 1999 DATES: From January, but White Lodge takes new students year-round HOURS: 8am/8.30am to 12.15pm/2.15pm/5pm; child care from 7am to 7pm AGES: 6 months to 6 years POPULATION: Over 500 students across seven centres (River Valley opening January 2019) CURRICULUM: EYFS framework from the UK, Singapore Mathematics and Mandarin curriculum, based on the theories of High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Howard Gardner

be attending a local school after Kindergarten, they happened to be in Kindergarten together for a term. One main criteria when choosing the school was proximity to home, so we visited as many preschools as we could find within a certain radius. To be honest, the decision to attend White Lodge was made by our son (who was one and a half at the time) during the school visit. He immediately responded to the warmth, colour and friendly nature of the school. His eyes lit up as he explored the campus, and he had no reservations when approached by the staff. Ultimately, it was the teachers at the time of enrolment who had a huge influence on the decision. The kids don’t stop talking about the art and cookery lessons that they have! The community at the school is very international and we have all forged solid and lasting friendships with children and families from all over the world. We have also enjoyed witnessing the kids’ confidence and performance skills grow. To watch them become more comfortable singing, dancing and speaking in front of an audience has been amazing.

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