Giving Birth Did you have your baby here? If so, name your doctor and the hospital.

Yes, I had all four children here with Professor Mahesh Choolani at NUH and Mount Elizabeth. Lucie I gave birth to Cecilia in Dubai, but for this baby I’m with Dr Lai at A Company for Women. Katherine I gave birth to Freya in Singapore at NUH, and my doctor was Professor Chong. Sarah Both children were born at Gleneagles. For Madeleine, my doctor was Dr L C Foong. Madeleine was a breech baby and despite every effort to turn her she remained breech as I approached the final few weeks of pregnancy so I had an elective c-section. For Joseph, I had a VBAC with Dr Lai. Katie Dr Sivahami Saraswathi Sivananthan (Dr Siva) at Raffles Hospital. Kim Yes, my three children were born at Gleneagles, with Doctor Yeong. Claire I had a planned c-section due to breech baby with Dr Tan Yew Ghee at Raffles Hospital. Harriet I did! My doctor was Dr Paul Tseng and I gave birth at Mount Elizabeth Novena. April


Did you use a doula for any part of the process? Would you recommend the experience?

Yes, I had a lady come to our place for ten massages after the twins’ birth. She “wrapped” me for five sessions, then I took a couple of weeks’ break and had another five sessions. Just having someone take care of you for one hour, when you have two newborn babies at home, is an amazing experience. Claire No, but my doctor and themidwives at Raffles Hospital were very good at coaching, and I used a mantra: “Breathe in the strength, breathe out the pain!” My husband has a complete lack of rhythm and in a panic he turned it into “Breathe out the strength, breath in the pain!” – after which, he was not allowed to talk, just offer his hand for me to pulverise instead! Kim

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