A Final Word... What are the best and worst things about being an expat mum?

The best thing is the help you can get in Singapore! We are so lucky to be here. The worst is to be far away from my family. To ease this, we have a family WhatsApp group on which we all post pictures of what we are doing daily, what the children are doing, and so on. Facetime is also a lifesaver to keep in touch! Claire The best things are the friendships – the girlfriends who become your family and support network, the amazing addition of our wonderful helper who makes being a mum an easier job and, with regards to Singapore, the knowledge that in general children are safer here than in many other countries. The worst thing is the distance from my own mum. Katie The best thing is definitely the help! Back home, I wouldn’t have a helper, and she has changed my life and made it possible for me to return to work part-time. She is amazing with my kids and they love her. The worst thing is possibly the need to shop in ten different shops to try and find your favourite items at affordable prices. Back home, I would go into one shop and get it all! April

I find it very easy to meet lots of mums here; I have a fantastic group of friends. I think being away from family and in a foreign country makes the other mums here exceptionally friendly. The worst thing about being an expat mum is being away from friends and family in England. Lucie The best is having a helper to help with cooking, laundry and mess. The worst is missing family, but we FaceTime and it’s always like a party with extra-special quality time when we do see them. We are very lucky though as my brother and his wife, along with my niece, live ten minutes down the road here in Singapore, so that helps a lot. Kim

My husband travels a lot with work so there is quite a bit of single parenting, which is a downside. Katherine

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