What are the essentials in your daily life – those things you can’t live without? THREE THINGS

Coffee, coffee, coffee – oh wait, that’s only one thing! Probably coffee, exercise and, sadly, my phone. I get all my admin done on it when I’m on the run (plus social media, of course)! April Coffee in the morning, my iPhone as it allows me to work wherever I need to, and our nanny Gemma, who makes it possible for me to run ShiokFarm. Claire Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut or mini Magnums, an insulated water bottle for necessary refreshment, and a VPN for streaming BBC dramas. Harriet I hate to say it, but my phone. It is the keeper of my diary, camera and to-do lists. Second is decaf PG Tips tea; it’s the first drink of the day before I hit the coffee. Finally, lip balm. There’s nothing worse in my book than being without it – I have pots of it everywhere! Katie My iPhone, particularly for filming and photos, as the children change so much in the beginning; my City Select double pushchair; and a S’well water bottle, which keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours – essential with breastfeeding in this heat! Kim

Family (including my dogs), chocolate and weightlifting. Lucie Amazon Prime, my Pockit buggy and my wonderful husband. Katherine Firstly, my car! After four years of relying on taxis and public transport with two small children, my nerves were shot. The car is a very expensive luxury but makes life so much easier. Then, F45 Holland Village – I got into this two years ago and am completely hooked. Finally, coffee – I’m increasingly relying on it to get me through the days. Sarah

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