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What students say... Sarah So Young Wiemken (20/Pathways 4 Transition 5 & 6), Korean American

Sarah started at MSIS in January 2018. In Pathways 4 Transition 5 & 6, she focuses on life skills, social skills and vocational training. She also works

on the academics that support these other three areas. She is doing her vocational training in the pastry kitchen at Jones the Grocer, and gets to design and make cakes and cupcakes, pies and pastries. Sarah loves to jump on the trampoline at school each day. She also loves her friends at MSIS. Her favourite subject is Mathematics and this skill is important to her job training as measurements and counting are very important in a kitchen. Sarah is always so excited to go to work – she hops, skips and sings each day she walks over to the restaurant. She is such a hard worker that she needs to be reminded to take breaks. She really enjoys the job and is always happy to finish her break and get back to work. She wants to be a pastry chef in the future

FOUNDED: 2014 DATES: January to December AGES: 3 to 21 years POPULATION: 47

CURRICULUM: The Victorian Curriculum F–10 / Visual and Performing Arts programme from Victoria, Australia

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