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I’m in a special position to get an understanding of families and dynamics: the happy and sad stories, and always the love. I’m lucky to witness the unconditional love between parents and children, siblings, partners and even pets. I guess that’s what drives us to shoot better and try harder to convey those feelings into a two- dimensional picture. My photographs from the past were more inclined towards dramatic black and whites. I found that I’ve less need for that “drama” nowadays, and I appreciate the play of different colours – things like the nature of sunlight, the colour of clothing and how it plays off our skin tones. Who’s your team? Dan and I founded White Room Studio. We’re siblings! Our amazing photographers include Melody, Delun and Felicia; Alison is our digital imaging artist, andKelvin our studio administrator. Have you had any changes in direction or style over the years?

What started you on the photography path? In 2000, I was backpacking in Hokkaido, Japan, and I bought a film SLR. That’s where I first got hooked on trekking and photography. For the first five years, there was nothing but photography in my life. Back in the pre-digital age, I was madly passionate about darkroom printing and simply fell in love with the craft. I found what I wanted to do in life! Where are you from? Where did you study? I was born in Singapore, and left for Australia in my 20s. I first studied software engineering at UNSW in Sydney. After graduating, I moved to Melbourne and studied Commercial Photography at RMIT. I returned to Singapore in 2009, after 12 years in Australia. What do you love about your job? The people! Portrait photography throws us, as photographers, right into the deep end of people’s personal lives – most of them strangers at first.

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