Our GB Pockit stroller is small and light for getting on and off buses. We don’t really use taxis so it’s so handy. We had a Silver Cross before that and it’s heavy and bulky and we couldn’t use it on buses or trains easily.

My buggy is the Baby Jogger City Select – it’s so solid and sturdy and converts to be a double pram, which stacks both children in numerous formats. I have the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix baby seat and a Britax car seat for Madeleine. I have a car, so the Britax is permanently installed on the back seat. I also have a Cosco Scenera for travelling with. I simply love Bugaboo; their buggies are expensive but they really do glide. I buy mine in the UK and get 20 percent VAT off them, then bring them back to Singapore. It saves a lot of money. Bugaboo customer service is incredible too. The frame of my two-year-old Bugaboo Donkey was replaced, no questions asked, just recently. My favourite car seat is the Cosco Scenera Next. It’s so versatile and is the lightest car seat on the market. You can use it in taxis and it easily slots onto most buggies. I have three of them, and I also take them on board airplanes as they are airline-approved. This means my children can sleep in them. I can’t have all four sleeping on me, so these car seats are essential. I bought all of them from Elise from, and she has also installed the car seats into the car for me. Katie


For a pram, the Yoyo, without any hesitation. If you travel like we do, you will love them as Yoyo prams can fit in the airplane cabin. Most airlines accept them. We don’t have a car in Singapore, so we bought portable car seats. For my six-year-old, I bought a Mifold seat booster. It fits in his backpack and my handbag, and we love it! The twins wear Ride Safer jackets, which work well and can also fit in my (big) handbag.


We have the City Select double stroller and love it. We got the glider for the back so my now five-year-old stands there most of the time if we go long distances. And I think Britax is the best car seat. I’d recommend buying both these items in your home country, if you can, as they’re usually more affordable there.


I have a Bugaboo Bee stroller and a Maxi Cosi car seat.



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