My iPhone, online grocery shopping, and organic fruit for the kids’ snacks.


My Baby Jogger Citiselect Lux double pushchair, which the Maxi Cosi fits to. Our Kanga car seat, which is the most compact car seat for after the Maxi Cosi, and is also legal in the UK. Then there’s activewear! Being out with a toddler is boiling hot, so you have to be in clothes that you’re comfortable sweating in!

My helper is honestly a godsend and makes my life as a mum possible! I also, sadly, have to admit to the iPad. I try not to allow my kids too much screen time, but I’d be lying if I said they don’t use it almost every day. I try to download educational shows and games to keep their brains active. I also can’t believe how much we use our complex pool! If I had kids in Canada we would be packing the car and heading to the local public pool and it would be a mission. Here, we just throw on our bathers and walk up – the best family afternoon tradition there is. If I could say a fourth, it would be our car. We didn’t have one when we first moved here and only had one child, but now that I work and we have two kids, I use it a lot! It’s expensive, but worth it in the end.


Firstly, my baby wearing kit. I have the Ergo 360 Air Mesh and for Joseph I added the kangaroo tops from Mother & Child. Secondly, comfortable maternity bras with a bit of glamour that don’t look like nursing bras. I bought some from ASOS as they had a good selection and were reasonably priced. Finally, UKTV Everywhere, my lifesaver during the long cluster feeds on the sofa.



Sudocrem, Huggies pull-up pants, and baby snacks – so useful for keeping the peace in many situations.

My squat rack, my mum friends and my helpers.



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