Mine was a two-stage process. Firstly, I got a Fitbit and started walking everywhere. I joined a Botanic Gardens walking group, then built this up by going to an indoor “Me and My Baby” fitness class, where you take your baby in the baby carrier. I still go to this but Immi runs around eating snacks for most of it now! Then I joined the gym, once I felt I could cope with it and when Immi’s nap times became predictable enough to leave her with a babysitter for that time – and once I could just about squeeze myself into my gym clothes!

For my first two pregnancies, I went ahead and ate for two and did absolutely no exercise whatsoever. When I moved to Singapore I started to exercise more regularly by going to Bloom’n Fit with Ava who was nearly two at the time. This was a chance for me to meet new mums, exercise and have a playdate all rolled into one. I met all my very best friends there. I started going to F45 Holland Village two years ago, lost a significant amount of weight and really fell in love with exercise. I then exercised the whole way throughmy pregnancy at that same gym, and actually didmy last class the day before I gave birth. The female trainers are all pre- and post-natal trained, so they were able to help me with modifications, which are crucial especially when your tummy gets very big. Giving birth and being pregnant for nine months is tough on your body. There’s lots of talk about the baby and then you have your six- week obstetrician visit and smear test and then that’s it. Your body has really been through the mill and I think it’s crucial that all mothers visit a Women’s Health Physio to ensure they are properly checked, especially before returning to exercise. I went to see Kelly McGinnity at UFit and I’m so glad that I did as I had a very small prolapse and a five-finger diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Kelly has really helped with my recovery. I was back at F45 after six weeks, but with modified workouts and support from a physio and the trainers there. I’m now at 12 weeks and have been signed off for more rigorous exercise, but it’s really best to take it slow and listen to your body, and get advice from professionals.


I’m a big fan of Ultimate Performance. They rigorously train and educate their trainers, and they fly in the best professionals in the industry to make sure they’re constantly achieving results with clients. I particularly like their group training sessions; trainers encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals. The sessions also allow you to work within your limits and there’s also a friendly trainer there to help correct your form. I also used a meal delivery service called Nutrition Kitchen. I think that in those early days you can forget to look after yourself and start to snack on bad food as you are so darn tired; having a service that delivers delicious, nutritious meals really helps. However, I think it’s important to lose the weight in your own time. Remember that weight gain is temporary and can easily be changed. I would be lying if I said chocolate and cake didn’t help get me through the early months of having newborns.



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