POST-BABY BODY Did you consciously work on getting back in shape after giving birth? What tips, groups or activities can you recommend? I’m a fan of outdoor bootcamps and trained with Momentum Bootcamps before and after my first pregnancy. The second time around I attended the pre-pregnancy bootcamps run by Anna Kwan at Beloved Bumps. She is wonderful and an expert at pre- and post-pregnancy workouts. While breastfeeding, I have eaten for two, allowing myself a forth trimester of eating more than I usually would – you need the extra chocolate and croissants to get the calories in, plus some days a treat is very much needed mentally!

Bloom’n Fit bootcamp – our trainer April is amazing; that combined with lots of walking and breastfeeding had me feeling better in my skin six months’ post-partum than ever before!


Firstly, I think women need to give themselves a break! Enjoy those first few months with your gorgeous child. Take them for walks in the stroller, pram or carrier. Try to focus on your diet, then get back to exercising. I run a mums’ bootcamp in The Botanical Gardens called Bloom’n Fit and it’s a great way to get back in shape. You can bring your babies along and meet other mums trying to lose the baby weight. Our website has all the details, and we offer a free trial. I also joined NMSG (New Mum’s Support Group) and found it was a great resource for meeting other mums and getting discounts at planned activities for kids.



My advice? Start your own business while breastfeeding twins – it works wonders! My doula did some lymphatic drainage and I lost all the weight I had gained (12kg) in ten days. I was also breastfeeding my twins, which apparently helps the weight to go.

Bloom’n Fit three times a week in the Botanical Gardens. I also met my closest friends at that group! I do yoga now but I’ve found HIIT to be more effective for baby-weight loss.



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