DON’T LETTHE Flu Bug Bite!

Cough, flu and other viruses can spread like wildfire in humid climates. Here’s how you can f ight that infection if your little one falls sick.

Common cold and influenza are two of the most common viral infections among children, and it’s best to nip the symptoms in the bud as soon as they surface. Constant temperature changes in Singapore, which we experience daily while going in and out of air-conditioned buildings and vehicles, don’t help matters either! When they get sick, a buildup of phlegm and mucus can cause our kids’ discomfort and disrupt their daily routine and sleeping patterns. So, what’s the best way of relieving the symptoms? Having proven remedies on standby is key. One option to keep an eye out for is Fluimucil, which helps to break down and get rid of thick mucus that obstructs airways and results in bouts of coughing. As far as medicines go, we appreciate the fact that it’s easier to convince our kids to consume it too! It comes in small granules that dissolve in water into the form of an orange-flavoured fizzy drink. Conveniently, it can also be purchased over the counter, without the need for a doctor’s prescription. Fluimucil is available at all major retailers and health care stores in 100mg dosage form suitable for children two years and above ($19 for 30 sachets), and also available in tablet form for adults ($14.50 per box).

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