Organic Solution We all want the best for our little ones in every aspect of their lives. That’s why, when it comes to everyday body care products, we should avoid harsh chemicals. What we put on our children’s skin matters, and in our books we think the more eco-friendly the better. Thankfully, more and more green options are becoming available in Singapore. One of our latest discoveries is products by Cherub Rubs . Toxin-free and certified organic by Organic Food Chain, the range includes hair and body wash, shampoo, insect repellents and sunscreen, all made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Australian made and owned, the brand’s raw materials are sourced locally where possible and contain absolutely no nasties. The label was founded in 2004 by naturopath Keeli Cambourne, who believes we should avoid using synthetic chemicals and preservatives on our children from a young age, as harmful substances can impact their growth and development.

Ideal for eczema

Soothing and gentle for sensitive skins, Cherub Rubs is ideal for young ones suffering from eczema and dry, itchy skin – no more need for steroid creams. Light and non-greasy, the formulations absorb quickly into the skin, which is handy in the tropics!

Priced from $21.40 to $27.75. Available at several leading department stores, supermarkets and online markets. Visit for more details.

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