BrushBetter When it comes to little ones and their brushing routines, choosing a toothpaste is key. Just like trying to encourage them to eat their veggies at mealtimes, getting your kids to the sink to brush their teeth can be a tough ordeal. That’s why finding ways to make it a fun and engaging activity is your best bet. Using a bright and cheery toothpaste can definitely help to sweeten the deal. One option is Elgydium Tooth Decay Protection , which offers a range of fun flavours for children under 12 years. To make brushing more bearable, kids aged from two to six with milk teeth can try Red Berries, Fresh Strawberry or Banana. For those under 12, there’s a sweet bubblegum flavour.

Whatever your toothpaste of choice, remember these three tips! • Always teach your child to spit out fluoride toothpaste. • Make sure they don’t swallow the formula. Too much fluoride isn’t a good thing. • Don’t do a full rinse. Leaving the fluoride coating the teeth means they are protected for longer. Elgydium uses a formula with Fluorinol, which helps to protect and strengthen tooth enamel, as well as Siliglycol, which forms a protective film and encourages Fluorinol to stick to teeth for longer, fighting plaque and bacteria throughout the day.

Available at RedMart, Guardian, Watsons and FairPrice.

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