Tips for aHealthy Smile

Our teethgo througha lot. From chewing and biting during the day to grinding teeth when we sleep, the stress we put on our gnashers can lead to cracks and chipping. Despite inevitable wear, we can do our part to keep them strong by watching our diets. Here are the best and worst things to eat for a healthy smile, courtesy of the team at Smilefocus.



Top tip: Snack less

#1 Fresh or cooked vegetables

#1 Sugar Candy, gummy lollies and the like are terrible for teeth. The stickier the sweet, the harder it is to brush out of the grooves in our teeth. Sugar is broken down by the bacteria in our plaque to form acid which then demineralises the enamel in our teeth. #2 Dried fruit The stick texture of dried fruit can be troublesome to remove from teeth, plus it can have a very concentrated sugar load. #3 Sports drinks Just like flavoured sodas and fizzy drinks, sports drinks contain a lot of sugar. They’re also highly acidic, with some studies finding them more acidic than popular carbonated drinks!

If you can, try to limit snacking and eat more at your main meals. It may even be an idea to brush in the middle of the day too to prevent decay. Ultimately, smart decisions will help your teeth out for a healthy smile.

Nutritional and low in sugar, fibrous veggies like celery, cauliflower or broccoli are natural teeth cleaners. #2 Nuts Nuts are little nutritional powerhouses and low in sugar. If you have fillings or existing cracks in your teeth, choose a softer nut such as a raw cashew over an almond. #3 Water Juices and fizzy drinks are very acidic, which means they can erode the enamel on your teeth while you drink and for an extended time afterwards. Choose water as your primary drink and limit the rest.

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