Teeth Teaching your kids to look after their teeth from a young age is crucial. From getting them to see a dentist early, to the types of foods to eat and avoid, here’s how to keep your family’s smiles bright and healthy. Let’s Talk

The Earlier, theBetter

It’s our responsibility as parents to teach our kids good oral hygiene at home, but when is the best time to take them for a professional dent a l sc reen i ng? We’ve discovered the answer is sooner rather than later. Here’s why.

It’s easy to assume that we should wait until our kids are in their tweens before we take them for a full dental assessment. However, some of the most common dental problems can be seen by orthodontists much earlier on. In fact, the later you wait, the more complicated it can be to resolve an issue once your child has their full set of permanent teeth. “Ideally, screening should be done at the age of seven because that’s when the first adult teeth come through,” explains DR CATHERINE LEE, an American-trained orthodontic specialist who is passionate about early intervention. Why it is so important not to wait? “Baby teeth take six years to fall out completely,” explains Dr Lee, “so between the ages of six and 12 years old, there’s a lot of growth. Sometimes, adult tooth buds won’t be in the right position, or can be missing entirely.” “What’s more, many issues can arise if the jaw doesn’t grow properly. Overbites, crossbites and underbites are the most common of these. Early screening means you are minimising complications for your child in the future and are as prepared as possible.”

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