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#6 “What other support and special birthing amenities does the hospital offer?”

Alternatively, a coffee morning is held once a month for ladies with confirmed bookings to see our maternity facilities and meet our midwife for a question-and-answer session. #9 “During my stay, can my newborn be in the same room with me at pretty much all times? Or are there specific time slots when they’re allowed in?” We encourage babies to stay in the room with mum to establish bonding and breastfeeding early. There is a nursery room for times when mums need to rest. Babies who require phototherapy treatment for jaundice will generally stay in the nursery room. #10 “Will Matilda provide any support services after I return home?” We have a team of community midwives who help to extend the unique care and support into your home during the first six to eight weeks. The midwives offer guidance

Our one-to-one midwifery care provides you consistent, personalised support and encouragement during labour, birth and following birth. As the delivery rooms are private, your partner is welcome to stay throughout and share the joy of baby arriving into the world. Mobility is encouraged before and during labour and to facilitate this we have a wireless foetal monitoring system that allows you to sit, stand and walk around. Birthing balls, yoga mats and beanbags are available to encourage mobility and support active labour. Some women find sitting on a birthing ball and rocking the pelvis helps to alleviate discomfort. It also helps move baby into the right position for delivery. Warmwater immersion can provide comfort and there is a bath tub in the delivery room for relaxation during and between contractions. To create a personalised ambience and enhance feelings of wellbeing, music can be played in our delivery room or operation theatre, so do bring your favourite tunes. For ladies having a caesarean section, immediate skin-to-skin contact with the baby and breastfeeding can be started right after the baby is delivered in the operation theatre. Your partner can also cut the baby’s cord. #7 “Do you have prenatal/birthing classes that we can attend?” We provide antenatal courses for mothers who are planning for delivery. You can call 2849 0357 or send an email to health@ for enquiries. Course details are available online at #8 “Does Matilda run hospital tours?” Hospital tours can be arranged within office hours from Mondays to Saturdays, with Patient Service Centre. You can call 2849 0355 or email to arrange one.

as new mums adjust, assess needs and offer advice on the wellbeing of mum and baby, support breastfeeding, talk about safety and provide an important link when needed to the paediatrician, obstetrician and other healthcare professionals. We encourage ladies to book with us early and discuss which postnatal visit package would best suit their individual needs.

Matilda International Hospital is at 41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak.

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