August-September 2018


Designed specifically for children’s hair and skin needs, Pout Care products are made in Australia. The gentle formulations are made for children’s sensitive skin and scalp, using natural ingredients without any harmful sulphates or parabens to clean and hydrate. They also add a variety of organic plant and flower extracts sourced in Australia. All Pout Care products come with delightful fruity scents and fascinating characters, ideal for indulging kids’ imaginations during bath times. Every product is tested in an ISO-certified laboratory, with no animal products or testing. Safe for all ages. Special offer: Quote “EXPATLIVING10%” and enjoy a 10 percent discount! Caring for Kids New Look for Lululemon Lululemon has relaunched its IFC store after three years of operation. The new store offers an extensive range of both female and male workout apparel in a beautiful, bright and energetic space. It’s also launched a new Asia Fit range. 2997 7170 |

Natural Beauty Suffer from annoyingly oily skin? Antipodes’ oily skin range has you covered, from a skin-brightening cleanser to a translucent finishing powder for any excess shine. We all want to protect our skin from irritation and Antipodes is great for that too, as it’s free of synthetics and uses pure oils from ingredients from unpolluted New Zealand. It’s also certified vegan, so it’s totally cruelty free, all while helping to tackle problem oily areas and rescue blemished skin.

Hot Metal Nike has launched a new activewear range using a fabric that gives off a liquid-like matte shine. The range boasts asymmetrical pieces, curved lines and colour-block design details. Wrap details, cinching and smart seaming are perfect for working out, and soft, oversize fleece pieces take you to and from the gym in style.

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