August-September 2018

The Killers


CULTURE Mid-Autumn Festival (24 SEPTEMBER)

The Mid-Autumn Festival traditionally signals the end to a year’s hard work in the fields, culminating in the harvest season. This annual event is marked with lantern festivals

around the city, with Victoria Park hosting a huge event, with singing, dancing, acrobats and lantern displays. Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance (23-25 SEPTEMBER) Coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival is the Fire Dragon Dance, where a 67-metre-long dragon is studded with thousands of burning incense sticks and wends its way through the backstreets of Tai Hang in Causeway Bay. This year’s parades will be held from 23 to 25 September in Tai Hang from about 8.15pm to 10pm, and from about 10.45pm to 11.30pm on 24 September in Victoria Park. SPORT Central Rat Race (26 AUGUST) The Central Rat Race 2018 is a themed relay race based on the corporate world. Gather some friends and form a team of eight to compete in the main category, the Rat Race. Put on a costume and navigate a tricky course inspired by daily business life, using a briefcase as a baton to fit with the theme. EXHIBITIONS An Age of Luxury: the Assyrians to Alexander (UNTIL 9 SEPTEMBER) See more than 200 historic artefacts from the ancient Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian empires, with items from the era between 900 and 300 BC showcasing the precious objects owned by the wealthy and used to decorate interiors of the period, at this exhibition developed by the British Museum and on display at the Hong Kong Museum of History. SHOPPING Handmade Hong Kong’s Discovery Bay Sunday Market is a DIY indie arts, crafts and small traders’ fair. Hong Kong’s finest makers and sellers will be offering arts, crafts and other special goods with about 140 different vendors taking part. The markets are located in the DB main plaza, just a short walk from the ferry pier. GlamFest (1 SEPTEMBER) Local and international vendors will offer a huge array of products and services at this year’s GlamFest, an all-day Saturday shopping extravaganza at the Regal Kowloon Hotel. Look out for freebies and prizes throughout the fun-filled event. Discovery Bay Sunday Market (12 AUGUST & 9 SEPTEMBER)

The Killers (19 SEPTEMBER)

US rockers The Killers will return to Hong Kong for their first show in five years. Expect them to perform tracks from their latest album Wonderful Wonderful and hit songs like “Mr Brightside”, “Somebody Told Me”, “When You Were Young”, “Human”, “The Man” and “Run for Cover”. Pablo Francisco (20-21 SEPTEMBER) Look forward to an evening of laughter, spontaneous outbursts and clever insights as international superstar comedian Pablo Francisco brings his unique talent of weaving together his one-of-a- kind arsenal of off-the-wall characters and spot- on impressions to Hong Kong this September.

11 AUG-SEP2018

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