1 Do I need a visa? Most ASEAN (and Scandinavian) passport holders do not require a visa for a short visit to Vietnam. Other nationalities can download an application form from vietnamembassy- Arrangements can also be made to collect a visa on arrival at major ports of entry; see

How long will it take me to get there? Between 2 and 3.5 hours from Singapore. Vietnam is


7 hours ahead of GMT and 1 hour behind Singapore.

3 What’s the money situation? The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong (VND); be prepared to feel a little like a faux millionaire – you’ll receive more than 16,000 dong for a single Singapore dollar. ATMwithdrawals are available in major cities and tourist destinations, and US dollars are widely accepted, as are credit cards. mean that seasonal changes are different around Vietnam. It is always high season somewhere in Vietnam, and the tropical south is always warm. Head to the north between May and October and the south between November and February. The popular central beaches can be wet between December and February. What’s the lingo? The official language is Vietnamese. French and English are also spoken. Here are some phrases to get you started: Hello Chào What is your name? Ban tên gì? My name is __ Tôi tên là ... How much? Bao nhiêu Thank you Cam on ban Yes Vâng No, thank you Không cam on ban Is there anything I should know about meeting the locals? Vietnamese show respect with a slight bowwhen greeting elders. What’s a must-try dish? Pho , an aromatic noodle soup with chicken or beef and herbs, or a bánh mì (baguette) filled with various cuts of pork, pâté and vegetables. 4 When’s the best time to visit? Opposing monsoon seasons in the north and south 5 6 7


• Approximately 40 percent of all Vietnamese, or more than 30 million people, share the same family name, Nguyen. • Through history, Hanoi has had at least five different names including Long Biên, Tong Bình Long Đo and Đai La. largest exporter of cashews in the world, and the second largest exporter of rice. • Instead of bells, traditional gongs are used to call Vietnamese children to school. • Vietnamese cuisine is a mixture of Chinese and Thai styles and is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. • The Vietnamese • Vietnam is the

What should I buy as a souvenir? Non la (palm-leaf conical hat), the traditional symbol


language has six different tones.

of Vietnamese people.


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